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PRCS Wall Cloud is a super-freighter used by MJ12 to transport the Gray Death virus from Hong Kong to New York City. Upon arrival at New York City, it docks in the Naval Assembly Building at Brooklyn Naval Shipyards.


The ship was previously owned by Stanton Dowd, a fact that puts JC on the track of the Illuminati. JC Denton manages to locate the ship and scuttle it by placing explosives at five tri-hull weld points and reversing the flow of the bilge pump. In the process, JC destroys any Gray Death virus on board thus preventing MJ12 from deploying it over the USA to infect millions.

Deus Ex[]

The ship comprises two main areas: the upper decks and lower decks. The upper deck is accessible via three different routes. It can be boarded using a ramp on the starboard side of the ship that is initially retracted. The ramp must be lowered using a nearby Security Keypad before it can be used as an entry-way. Alternatively, JC can take an elevator to a room which controls one of the cranes; the crane can be moved into a position that allows him to jump directly onto the ship. The third option is to climb a ladder on the port side of the Wall Cloud (which must be swam to). 

Once on board, JC has to navigate the upper decks before he can enter the lower decks. This part of the ship contains a chemistry lab (where a vial of Ambrosia can be found), crew quarters, a sick bay and the ship's Command Center. The nanokey unlocking the door to below decks is located in the Captain Zhao's Quarters, as well as a holocomm with a message from Walton Simons.

Once below decks, JC needs to locate and destroy the 5 tri-hull welds. Two are found in the engine room, one in electrical, one in the bilge pump room and the last in the helicopter bay. Additionally, the computer in the bilge pump room must be accessed in order to reverse the flow of the pumps.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "PRCS" presumably stands for "People's Republic of China Ship." Each nation maintains its own naming conventions, and as of 2023, Chinese vessels do not use the naming convention of the United States, simply using their full name. However, as Deus Ex is in a divergent timeline, and the name might not even be applied by Chinese authorities, it's an open question.