"The PS20 is a disposable, plasma-based weapon developed by an unknown security organization as a next generation stealth pistol. Unfortunately, the necessity of maintaining a small physical profile restricts the weapon to a single shot. Despite its limited functionality, the PS20 can be lethal at close range."
— description of the PS20, Deus Ex

The PS20 is a weapon that uses the pistol skill. It appears in Deus Ex.


The PS20 is a very small weapon that shoots a single ball of plasma, which is similar to the one fired by the plasma rifle. However, because of the design, the weapon has only one charge and is useless after the only charge is depleted.

Game itemEdit

The PS20 fires a single plasma ball. The ball inflicts fire damage when it hits something. In addition, it will cause a small (2~ meter radius) explosion, dealing additional, minor fire damage to anyone inside the blast radius. After the gun has been fired, it will automatically be thrown away.

Several enemies have a resistance to fire, which makes the weapon less effective against them. MJ12 Commandos will take 50% damage, robots will take 25%, and grays will not take any damage.


  • The PS20 is useful for destroying weak doors.
  • A headshot can defeat an MJ12 Trooper in one hit, but good aiming skills are required because it has only one shot.
  • In spite of its several crippling disadvantages, it always has a 100% accuracy, and an incredible range.


  • Only one PS20 can be carried in the inventory at any given time.

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