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Painkillers are a consumable item in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.


Issued by the Eidos Pharmacists Association, these high efficiency pain remedies increase health. When taken, painkillers will raise the player's health by 25 points, up to the maximum of 200. Similar to other methods of healing, the effect is temporary; it won't deplete automatically, but it also will not regenerate past 100.

They are fairly common, and stackable up to 5, making them the most efficient consumable in healing capability, availability, and inventory space.


  • Painkillers are one of only two medications in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall, the other being the more potent hypostim.
  • Despite the in-game descriptions, all healing agents grant double the listed effect if the player is injured (<100) - in this case, 50 health points per use.
  • Additionally, when an injured player consumes such an item, and the healing effect surpasses 100, the players health will automatically increase to what it would have been if the player consumed such an item at standard health (100) - in this case, to 125 health points.
    • Translation; if the player currently has 51+ health points, the first dose will heal to 125, meaning a maximum of 74 points may be healed, despite a listed healing effect of only 25 points.
    • It is not known whether this is a bug or the intended result.