Painkillers (DXMD item)
Painkillers are a consumable item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is used for healing and for boosting health.

Description Edit

A single dose of analgesic drugs that increase the Health Bar. Use can increase health beyond the normal maximum. Multiple uses stack.

Gameplay Edit

Using the item recovers 25% of the Health Meter. If health is already full, consumption will raise the health above the maximum (to 125% health on the first use).

Painkillers are only half as potent as the HypoStim Injector, but are cheaper and take only half the inventory size. Alcohol has a similar healing function, but has a side effect of blurred vision, whereas the HypoStim Injector and painkillers do not.

Notable locations Edit

  • Sold by Tars for 50 Credit symbol each (2 are available upon each of the three visits to Prague).
  • 4 painkillers are found in the Lékárna (pharmacy), in a gas-filled mechanical room.

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