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Palisade: Clients & Services is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is a memo for the Palisade Property Bank employees, and can be found on a desk inside the locked Executive Services office.


The Palisade Bank Corporation is the premiere bank for countless private individuals, corporations, and nations.

The Palisade Property Bank protects the items in life that need it.

The Palisade Blades store private data and defend against any hackers.

Our client list includes: The Vatican, The British Royal Family, thousands of companies, over two hundred world leaders, and thousands of celebrities. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of clients who look to us for protection. We are the only company in the world where anyone can find the protection, privacy, and peace of mind they deserve.

As an employee of the company, you represent us. Please respect this every time you need to interact with a customer.