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The Palisade Bank Corporation, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Prague,[1] is a secure corporate archiving company, and is both the largest and most prestigious one in the world.

In Prague, Palisade operates the Palisade Property Bank, which features secure vaults for physical items, as well as a multitude of data-storage facilities know as the Palisade Blades. Information stored in the Palisade Blades are beyond the reach of any country's legal jurisdiction.[2] Palisade uses various methods to ensure the security of their clients' information, including firewalls, encryption, biometric password encoding, and automated defenses inside the data storage facilities.[3][4]


Palisade was founded in 2017 by billionaires Ashani Talwar, heir to a prominent banking empire, and Masaaki Oshiro, founder of a data protection company. Palisade rose to prominence as the premiere vault for countless private individuals, corporations, and nations, due in part to their technological innovations in protecting data against hackers. Palisade's clients include enterprises such as Tai Yong Medical, Santeau Group, Picus Group, and VersaLife, as well as private clients such as the British Royal Family, billionaires and world leaders.[2]

The Palisade Blades have become a symbol of the "new" Czech Republic's pro-corporate legislation. Palisade claims that its cultural impact has helped the Czech Republic lock in its image as the "Switzerland of Data Banking."[5]

In 2029, the company plans to expand to other areas of the Czech Republic for the first time since the Aug Incident. They will build additional data storage facilities in four other cities.[4]


Palisade Property Bank[]

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While the Palisade Blades store data, the Palisade Property Bank stores physical items. Located in the Čistá district of Prague, the Palisade Property Bank also serves as Palisade's corporate headquarters.

Palisade Blades[]

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The Palisade Blades are large data-archiving facilities, each housing a sophisticated operating system and an array of server chambers that secures client data.[6] Data stored in the Palisade Blades are protected by an advanced firewall system known as the "Lavawall."

The Palisade Blades have played a role in reshaping Prague's skyline, and have become an iconic feature of the city. One such facility, Palisade Blade-01, is located in a part of Prague aptly known as the Blade Plaza.


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