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Palisade Bank Corporation: Founders is an eBook in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found on ShadowChild's desk in the secret room of her apartment.

The book is part of a series about Palisade Bank Corporation, and is followed by Palisade Bank Corporation: History.


Palisade Bank Corporation started as dream shared by two people. Ashani Talwar, heir to the Talwar Banking empire, had an unrivaled mind for business. Masaaki Oshiro, founder of the data protection company, UNGYO, had the brilliance to stop the best hackers in the world. When they met, they were two of the wealthiest people under thirty in the world. Individually, they had it all and yet... they had no one to share it with.

In 2014, a chance meeting in Switzerland would change both of their lives forever. They fell deeply in love and quickly married each other in a private ceremony. After their wedding, they set their sights on a new endeavor that would combine their passions: high-end data archiving (and starting their family).