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Palisade Bank Corporation: History is an eBook in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the Meeting Room 01 on the first floor of the Palisade Blade.

The book is part of a series about Palisade Bank Corporation, and is a follow-up to Palisade Bank Corporation: Founders.


Talwar and Oshiro named their new enterprise "Palisade Bank Corporation." Over the span of just three years, they acquired several banking companies and buildings throughout the Czech Republic. (Including the iconic Property Bank Vault in Prague.)

When the banking and privacy laws in the Czech Republic were updated for today's connected world, Palisade Bank Corporation was there for its customers to offer the world's first secure corporate data archiving facility, known as "The Palisade Blade." Its unique shape and cutting-edge architectural design made it an instant global icon and forever changed Prague's skyline.

As unrelenting hackers began to ruin lives and companies, the demand for cyber protection increased. More blades were needed to house their customer's private data. Today, The Palisade Blades' popularity and cultural impact helped the Czech Republic lock in its image as the new "Switzerland of Data Banking."