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Palisade Blade-01 is one of the Palisade Blades operated by the Palisade Bank Corporation. It is located in the Blade Plaza and is partially situated in the Vltava River running through Prague. Blade-01 is a location featured in the System Rift expansion for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


See Palisade Blades for additional background information.

Blade-01 is one of many Palisade Blades located in Prague. The Blades are reputed to be the most secure data-archiving vaults in the world. The facility is partially underwater, and utilizes the water of the Vltava River for the cooling of its systems. It also features an automated defense systems utilizing HeatEye Sensors, a system for thermal detection of intruders.


SR Blade offices 03

Annotated map of the Palisade Blade-01 offices

Blade-01 is accessible through a ground-level lobby. The lobby contains elevators that lead to levels 01 and 05, which are all underwater:

  • Level 01 is the lowest level below the water and contains the human resources department. To the left of the entrance is a maintenance corridor that can be used to access further levels of the facility.
  • Level 02 contains the programming department.
  • Level 03 contains a security office manned by Tarvos Security Services, and the office of Leona Rosolova, the head of engineering.
  • Level 04 contains the client management department and the engineering department.
  • Level 05 contains the executive suite of the CEO, Ashani Talwar. The suite contains a greenhouse showcasing plants.

A funicular, accessible on Level 05, is used to access the server farm of the facility that is over and above the river. The server farm is guarded by turrets and robots with thermal detectors.

The server farm area houses Masaaki Oshiro's office, which has an NSN chair that can access the contents of the Blade's data vault.

SR Server Farm 03

Annotated map of the server farm area

System Rift[]

In the events of System Rift, Adam Jensen infiltrates Palisade Blade-01 on request of Francis Pritchard to help Pritchard retrieve data on the Santeau Group. Jensen reaches the NSN room of Blade-01 and succeeds in getting Pritchard's avatar access to the Blade's servers. However, Pritchard avatar becomes trapped by the Blade's virtual defense systems, forcing Jensen and ShadowChild to create the Breach in order to rescue Pritchard's avatar.


  • The greenhouse elements of Ashani Tawar's office were designed with the intention of providing players with an outdoor-like feel, to contrast with the metal and concrete elements that predominate the facility.[1]

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