Palisade blade north prague view

Two Palisade Blades seen in the northern part of Prague.

Palisade Blades are data-archiving facilities built by the Palisade Bank Corporation. Multiple instances of Palisade Blades are seen around Prague.

One of the Blades, Palisade Blade-01, is featured in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

History Edit

The original Blade facility, known as "The Palisade Blade," opened as the world's first secure corporate data archiving facility. Its unique architecture became an iconic part of Prague's skyline. Over time, more Blades were constructed to serve the growing demand for cyber security.[1]

Design and technology Edit

According to the ad panels in the Blade Plaza, Palisade CTO Masaaki Oshiro drew the first sketch of the blades on the back of a napkin. Subsequently, the planning and designing of the first Palisade Blade spanned a period of two years, involving many experts based in Prague.[2]

The Palisade Blades are notably built on the Vltava river running through Prague. This design is to allow the facility to draw the river's water to cool the computers inside the Blade. During initial operation of the original Palisade Blade, the freezing temperatures of the river's water during winter resulted in a rupture of the facilities water conduits, while excessively high temperatures during summer resulted in fires due to overheating. To counteract seasonal temperature fluctuations in water conditions, a computer system was developed to regulate the speed, movement, and temperature of the water cooling system.[3]

In order to protect their data against hackers, the Blades use an advanced firewall system designed by Oshiro called the "Lavawall." The Lavawall uses aggressive virtual weapons, including artificial intelligence, that attack hackers,  who try to infiltrate the Blade. According to Palisade, the Lavawall is the only firewall in the world that no hacker has managed to breach.[2] This claim holds true until the Breach is created by ShadowChild, albeit only as a result of Adam Jensen's physical infiltration of Blade-01.

In addition to the Lavawall, the Blades also employ cameras, turrets, and robots equipped with the HeatEye Sensors[4] that can detect even persons with cloaking augmentations.

List of Palisade Blades Edit

Four Palisade Blades are mentioned by their number designation.

  • Palisade Blade-01, located in the Blade Plaza
  • Palisade Blade-02, mentioned to be servicing various clients, including the British Royal family[5]
  • Palisade Blade-03, mentioned in a correspondence[6]
  • Palisade Blade-04, mentioned as the location where a Tarvos security guard was killed by automated defenses in an apparent suicide[5][7]

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