This page contains transcripts of the pocket secretaries found in the Palisade Property Bank, its immediate vicinity, its parking garage, and the sewers underneath the parking garage.

Street level[edit | edit source]

RE: New Parking Code[edit | edit source]

Found in a police truck at the front entrance to the bank.

To: Moore.D@tarvos.corp
From: Janecek.Daniel@palisade.corp

Thanks, David. I'll let everyone know about the code AND that they should be using their clickers whenever possible.

From: Moore.D@tarvos.corp
To: Janecek.Daniel@palisade.corp
Subject: New Parking Code

Mr. Janecek,

We've updated the security code for the parking garage to 5136. This shouldn't affect the automatic door openers, but I know we've had some issues with them lately. Better to let those affected know in case. We will still be checking everyone who uses the garage of course.

David Moore

Parking garage and sewers[edit | edit source]

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Carried by a guard in the parking garage.

To: Chassay.M@tarvos.corp
From: Cardinal.R@tarvos.corp

Hey Robert.

Saw you were scheduled for the shift after me. Left the maintenance room for you to inspect. I know how much you enjoy the smell of sewage.
- 6745 -
Have you heard anything yet about your London transfer? Apex tower... sounds like a sweet job. You'll be rubbing elbows with the elite!

Update[edit | edit source]

Found in the sewers beneath the parking garage.

To: Miloslav Jehlička
From: Max Szczassay

Hey Milo,

City guys fixed the gas leak and l've just finished patching up the wall, but we might want to check and make sure none of the electrical systems we affected by the leak. The gas running through these pipes is pretty corrosive shit. Just check that the wiring and whatnot in the server room B1 is all good. Code 7735 will get you in. Let me know how it works out.

FW: RE: Plan/BP[edit | edit source]

Found on the body of a deceased civilian, Julien Bartek, in the sewers. See also Julien Bartek's computer.

To: julien.w.bartek@genmail.mail
From: julien.w.bartek@genmail.mail

3 shifts split
Check Mike 6 - 2? Update: PM is good.

Sub service tunnels connect at 14 and B (pumps off on
Wednesdays? check old work lists)
Tremors caused structural damage in B/C (sheared lines)
Confirmed Thu.
Proper hammer/chisel

vault code 2357
reset access history
v/ 77729-641962-000
wipe registers on 25 only - turn off handshake or it'll repopulate

Second floor (lobby-level floor)[edit | edit source]

Temporary Security Precautions[edit | edit source]

Found in the account manager's office.

To: Tomas Romanek
From: Daniel Janecek


I've been reviewing the security gaps created by Bartosz and Julien before we fired them. There is a complete report forthcoming, but the short version is that the issues are very serious.

As a temporary measure, your most sensitive material should be stored in the bank's SDB in Room A. The code is 1114.

It's not ideal, but it's better than the alternative.


2nd floor sec hub?[edit | edit source]

Carried by a guard in the security office on the second floor.

To: Muller.R@tarvos.corp
From: Graves.A@tarvos.corp

You were probably wondering why you were locked out of the 2nd floor security room. Because Monday. Barabas has updated all the sec-codes for the weekly rotation. New code is klmvp9951. Et voila! Now you are not locked out of the 2nd floor security room.

Have a good week,

Employee IDs[edit | edit source]

Found in the security office on the second floor.

To: Daniel Janecek
From: Dominik Barabas

Mr. Janecek,

I've regenerated all employee identification codes as requested.

Your new code is: aklvd668l

New ID cards are also being created for all employees. Also, the electronic security audit was a success. All systems functioning at peak.

There has been an upsurge in cyber-attacks, but nothing has been able to breach the LavaWall. I do have a couple of suggestions I would like to discuss with you and Mr. Oshiro when he gets back. I'll detail all of this in my weekly report.

Dominik Barabas
IT Lead
Palisade Property Bank

RE: Client files[edit | edit source]

Found in the Executive Boardroom during the first visit to Prague during which Romanek's office is locked. Not found during the second visit during which Romanek's office is unlocked.

To: Ivana Drahos
From: Tomas Romanek


I apologize for not telling you sooner: Yes, the code to my office was changed, after the recent unpleasantness with Bartosz. It is now 0831.

Please tell everyone I‘m running late, because of how hard it is getting in and out of the city now that Ruzicka Station is off-line. Thank you.


From: Ivana Drahos
To: Tomas Romanek

Subject: Client files

I need the account files for one of our new clients, Niklus Domingues.
Has the code to your office been changed?

Executive Services Room[edit | edit source]

Found in the Executive Boardroom during the second visit to Prague.

To: Ivana Drahos
From: Dominik Barabas

Hey Ivana

Mr. Romanek told me that you might need to use the office downstairs to 'entertain' some important clients now that Bartosz is gone.

I’ve temporarily changed the code for you - 9593

Christ... don't know exactly what happened there, do you? I've heard some rumors, but nothing official came down except he's on 'leave'. Whatever that means.
Discuss over beers later? Maria is coming ;)


First Floor[edit | edit source]

Security report[edit | edit source]

Found in a locked safe in Executive Safes A.

To: Daniel Janecek
From: Anatoli Harashimov

Mr Janecek,

I've finished the review of our recent troubles with the Head Office, Security, and other involved parties. The situation is grave, and potentially catastrophic, but not insurmountable if we continue to act quickly, decisively, and correctly.

First and most crucially is the issue of plugging the holes which have been created in our security. This is ongoing, but will take a long time to complete. During this period, we must:

1. Continue to give our clients no reason to suspect anything may be remiss. Our reputation is our business: Without it we cease to exist. Tai Yong and VersaLife have already expressed concerns, but we have addressed them successfully, and will continue to reassure any other clients with questions.

2. Be even more diligent in keeping our code protocols. Several hackers, including the Janus Collective, have already tried to take advantage of our present weaknesses. The single greatest obstruction to regaining equilibrium at this time is that we must divert resources away from our recovery in order to defend ourselves from these vultures.

In short, we are still very vulnerable, and we wilsicsic continue to be so for some time. Our one consolation is that these leaks and breaches to date have only affected our small to medium lockers. The large vaults and servers remain unaffected.

It is essential for our return to confidence and stability that we address the matter of those former employees responsible for the breaches. Mr. Wlodek has gone on extended leave, and between you and me he will not be returning to work here. You know better than I do the particulars of Mr. Bartek's situation, which we are monitoring very carefully.

In short, the news is not good, but it is optimistic. We must all work very hard, and when we overcome this difficult period, we will emerge the stronger for it, as a company and as people.

Anatoli Harashimov

Repairs done[edit | edit source]

Found in Safes A server room B.

To: Max Szczassay
From: Miloslav Jehliéka


You were close to right. Looks like it was the pressure from that small explosion that fucked up some ofthe works in the VIP room, not the gas. Good thing I checked, one of the VIP lockers was hanging wide open when I walked into the room. Super secure my ass. If it was my money in this place, I’d be moving it into my mattress right about now. Anyway, I got everything fixed up. Might want to spot check the locker wiring for me though as my eyes and fingers tend not to agree on things from time to time. Just dummy check, make sure nothing got crossed. Code is 3020. Don't steal anything, heh.

See you,

RE: Wlodek's code[edit | edit source]

Found in the executive services office on the first floor.

To: Daniel Janecek
From: Dominik Barabas

So...he's not coming back then
Code's been reset to 6477. Is his computer staying or...?

FROM: Daniel Janecek
TO: Dominik Barabas
SUBJECT: Wlodek's code

Dom, I want to clear out Wlodek's personal safe and reset it. Can you give me a temp number asap? Thanks.

Third Floor[edit | edit source]

Broken PS[edit | edit source]

Found in the security office on the third floor.

To: Dominik Barabas
From: Daniel Janecek


lvan says his pocket secretary is acting strangely. I don't think it's serious, but you'd better have a look at it. We have enough security problems right now.


PS - If he's not at his desk, leave it in my office: 1969.

Weekly reset code (3rd floor)[edit | edit source]

Found in the employee lounge on the third floor.

To: PPB@tarvos.corp
From: Dominik Barabas

Per this morning's security meeting, the updated weekly code for the 3rd floor security room is "clemenza". I have already updated the system, so this code is valid effective immediately.

Thank you,
Dominik Barabas

Upstairs terminal[edit | edit source]

Found in the executive board room on the third floor (second visit).

To: PPB@tarvos.corp
From: Steer.C@tarvos.corp

We've been having problems with one of the terminals upstairs on the mezzanine. Use the following code to bypass: 5872

Just checking...[edit | edit source]

Found in the CTO/CEO room.

To: Pavel Karmoni
From: Masaaki Oshiro


Have you confirmed the tickets and reservations yet? Could you have the airline and the hotel send those confirmations to me please?

Also, can you contact the car service and have them pick us up an hour earlier than scheduled? We have to make a stop on the way to the airport.

I'll say it again: Sometimes the worst thing about this job is the clients.

Lastly, because of the recent security problems, Daniel made us change the code to the office. It's now 0211. If Romanek needs the biometric encoder, you can go in and get it for him. When we get back, remind me that we should get a secondary encoder. Or talk to Daniel.

See you when we get back.


New Storage Code[edit | edit source]

Found in the hidden room in the CTO/CEO room.

To: Ashani Talwar
From: Masaaki Oshiro


To avoid any issues with client perspectives on backup policies, I think we should consider moving some of the more critical files into special storage. And I changed the code myself to 1293 so I hope you check your messages before you access the locker.


Corporate Vaults[edit | edit source]

PSWD change[edit | edit source]

Found in the security office north room in the corporate vaults section, accessible only during The Heist.

To: PPB@tarvos.corp
From: Steer.C@tarvos.corp


Be advised. Scheduled password change for all security hubs has been moved forward in anticipation of extra-protocol visit.

Corporate Vault Security Hub: VlPsec487TV

Delete this message once read.

Prague Vault[edit | edit source]

Found in the VersaLife corporate vault, accessible only during The Heist.

To: Colin Harris
From: Bob Page


Thank you again for making the trip. Palisade execs will be waiting for you. Everything has been set up for your visit to our company vault. You might find some interesting data in there.
The code to the computer is 5896KLMOlBN in case you need to access it.
You may as well leave this pocket secretary in there for the next time.


FW: Vault Access[edit | edit source]

Found in the Tarvos corporate vault.

To: Moore.D@tarvos.corp
From: Steer.C@tarvos.corp

David, go into our vault and have a look. The computer code is LKMN01259KNML. Check the access logs for dates and get back to me.

To: Steer.C@tarvos.corp
Subject: Vault Access

Please be advised that I have logged unscheduled access to some of the vaults here by the CTO of Palisade, Masaaki Oshiro. I have approached this individual, and been rebuffed, citing "security concerns".

Temp PSWRD[edit | edit source]

Found in the Tai Yong Medical corporate vault.

To: Tomas Chong
From: TYM-Ext_Dir

Use the following to access vault computer: GBNM45KLP53

Please change password before leaving. IMPORTANT. Last user forgot.

Prague visit[edit | edit source]

Found in the Picus Group corporate vault.

To: Sandrine Assad
From: Amélia Poussier

Allo Sandrine,

I hope Alex has given you your itinerary for Prague by now. If not, poke him soon. The appointment is already scheduled. Palisade will be sending you a confirmation.

Also, pick up the storage package from Gary on Friday. He'll run you through where he has what in the vault itself.

You may need to access some of the files on the Vault computer. The password is N3wsm4ker.

Finally, I'm glad that you decided to take my advice and spend a few extra days there. Enjoy the city. It's beautiful.

Bon voyage,

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