Palisade Station (Czech: Stanice Palisády) is a metro station located in Čistá Čtvrť, one of the districts of Prague. The station is part of the Prague Metro system and is one of the landmarks that are marked in the in-game map.

Overview[edit | edit source]

"Renamed after the construction of the Palisade Property Bank, Palisade Station is the entry into the business hub of the city"
— Description of the landmark

Palisade Station provides convenient access to the nearby 33 Hlavní Apartments and the Task Force 29 Headquarters further to the east.

The station's exterior canopy features a credit-card design. The interior layout of the station is simplified in that it lacks a security office and a server room, which are features found in other metro stations.

Annotated map of Palisade Station

Notable Items[edit | edit source]

  • Breach software (in the ticket booth)
  • Triangle code #5 (in the maintenance room at end of train platform)

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