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The Pasadena Ocean Lab,[1] also known as the MJ12 Ocean Lab and stylized as OceanLab, is a location visited in Deus Ex. The lab is located on the ocean floor near the new California coastline. It is run by Majestic 12 and houses a Universal Constructor deep below the ocean floor.


The lab was built near California's "new west coast," which was formed when part of California's landmass slid into the ocean during the 2030 earthquake. The lab is accessible via a submarine route from the MJ12 Sub Base, which is located partly onshore.

By the time JC Denton arrived, the Ocean Labs had been sabotaged by a rogue scientist named Ridley. Ridley, who claimed to be an Illuminati sleeper agent, had detonated several LAMs throughout the facility and deployed a crippling computer virus. As a result, much of the facility flooded, some of the Transgenics broke out of their cages, and security systems malfunctioned, murdering the lab's personnel.

Deus Ex[]

JC Denton is sent here by Gary Savage to retrieve the containment unit schematics for X-51's Universal Constructor, following Tiffany Savage's failed attempt to steal the schematics herself. 

Traversing through the Ocean Lab, JC eventually finds the Universal Constructor repair area. This area is patrolled by the rare Chiang Arcbot M5. After finding the schematics, Bob Page threatens to launch a nuclear warhead at Vandeberg, prompting JC to leave the base quickly. At the mining area, JC is attacked by Walton Simons but manages to defeat or at least escape from Simons.

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  1. Dialogue from Carla Brown ("MJ12 is short a UC. They lost the one in Hong Kong, and now something has happened at the Pasadena Ocean Lab.").