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Dr. Patton is the Mag Rail Project Manager of Mako Ballistics in 2072.


Patton is the scientist in charge of developing the Mag Rail in 2072, an energy weapon that is able to deliver a high density energy beam with and a EMP blast through walls which also affects organic beings. He becomes a target for the Order Church and the WTO after they discover that the Knights Templar have commissioned Mako Ballistics to produce the Mag Rail. Later, Alex Denton come into the Mako Ballistics Seattle Facility and either kill him or not, as requested respectively by the Order Church and the WTO.


  • There are several ways to kill him. One is to tell him you are there to kill him, this alerts the guard and the robot to attack you. The second way is to follow him up in the booth and kill him after he raises the button on the mag rail gun.
  • If you push the button this causes the door to his booth to close, preventing you from getting to him. But its possible to use a couple of crates to prevent the door from closing and make a bridge to to cross over to the stairs beyond. However this makes Patton's health increase, and he becomes much harder to kill.
  • If you inspect the mag rail gun, and then kill Patton (after his health has increased). Chen will tell you, that you were too late to help the Order, and that the gun schematics had already been uploaded.
  • If you kill Patton first, you will be thanked for helping the Order. If you go back and inspect the mag rail, you will be thanked by the WTO for giving them the information. 
  • If you kill Patton before pushing the button, it becomes impossible to push the button, as you are not 'authorized'.