Paul Denton's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It belongs to Paul Denton and is located inside the secret closet in his apartment in the 'Ton Hotel. The login is pdenton and the password is chameleon


Miss YouEdit

From: SweetCharity//GenericMail.34673.78541
To: Paul Denton//NYCNET.33.34.4346
Subject: Miss You

I left a message on your machine but wanted to follow up. With both of us traveling it's hard to get together, isn't it? I miss you so much. I'll make it up to you when I get back. Oh, wait, your brother's staying with you, isn't he? Well, just wait until you're alone. We'll work things out. Promise.


SPAM: Tired of life?Edit

From: KVORK, Inc.//NYCNET.
To: Multiple Recipients
Subject: SPAM: Tired of life?

Hello Friend,

Has life become too impersonal, too tedius, too painful for you? Then now is the time to exert control, to make that decision which is ultimately the only real choice we ever have: the decision to die.

Some may describe this as an act of selfishness, but with the dwindling reserves of natural resources throughout the world you're actually contributing to the well-being of all those around you. A recent bill passed by the United States Congress even authorizes a one-time payment of c10,000 to your chosen benefactor upon passing away.

So do yourself, your family, and your friends a favor and visit any one of the KVORK, Inc. clinics in a neighborhood near you. We'll help you make a difference—quickly and quietly.


Derek Schmitt
Director of Development, KVORK, inc.

Settled in yet?Edit

From: JReyes//UNATCO.00973.20892
To: Paul Denton//NYCNET.33.34.4346
Subject: Settled in yet?


Thought I'd help you unload your boxes, but I'm tied down trying to get one of the medical analyzers working. Damn thing nearly lasered off one of my fingers! Catch you later for a beer maybe?


Message UndeliverableEdit

Your message:

To: juan//NYCNET.7786.786658
Subject: Your Results
Sent: Wed 14:18:59 -0600

Did not reach the following recipient(s):

juan//HK2net.7786.786658 on Wed, 14:26:35 -0600
Unable to deliver message due to a communications failure
MPSEXCH:IMS: New York Net: BORONTYPE:ADA 0 (000C05A6) Unknown Recipient

Message as follows:

>I'm definitely worried about the test results; there are
>some implications there that I'm afraid to pursue too
>much further. I'll talk to Tracer. Proceed with caution.

Account VerificationEdit

From: ClassicMovies.pcx3345:ABS
To: Paul Denton//NYCNET.33.34.4346
Subject: Account Verification

Mr. Denton:

We've received your order for "Blue Harvest" and "See You Next Wednesday." At your earliest possible convenience, please remit c110 at which point they will be shipped immediately.

Thanks for your business,

Marcy Plaigrond
Vibrant Videos, Inc.

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