Paulina Machieraldo is the leader of a group of civilians who escaped from Golem City. She and her group can be found in the northeast section of the Překážka sewers during the first and second visits to Prague.

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Paulina and her group escaped from Golem City, but were then captured by the Dvali. The Dvali sold them to a mining camp, but Paulina and others managed to escape when the Dvali truck transporting them was attacked by Mary Morevic.[1] Then, the group contacted Gerard Romero, a Prague policeman, for help. According to Paulina, Romero is the last good cop in town. Romero advised them to stay in the sewers. However, Paulina has not received any subsequent contact from Romero for days, and has been hunted by drones.

Prior to martial law in Prague, Paulina and her group can be encountered in the northeast-most room in the Překážka sewers. Upon entering the area, police drones will be attacking Paulina's group. If Adam Jensen destroys the drones, Paulina will thank him and explain her situation. She will say that that either the Dvali or the drones may very well succeed in hunting her down, but she will see how far she can get.

It turns out that Gerard Romero has been killed in his apartment. Romero was acting as a good Samaritan, but his actions had gone too far in interfering with the Dvali's operations. The police, who benefit from the Dvali's revenue, have been collaborating with the Dvali by patrolling the sewers with drones to hunt Paulina's group.[2]

Notes Edit

  • Romero's apartment is the destination of the Good Cop Bad Cop point of interest. After finding out what happened to Gerard Romero, there is no way to let Paulina and the others in the sewers know when she asks. It is unclear if this is a bug or was left out in the final game.

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