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Pavel Hubník, known as "Slaw," works for the Palisade Bank Corporation as a general engineer of Palisade Blade-01 in Prague. He can be found in the Zátopek bar and inside the Palisade Blade, where he also has a desk at the engineering department.


When the Palisade Bank Corporation underwent restructuring, Slaw was demoted in rank and in income. To supplement his lost income, Slaw began doing programming jobs for small-time criminal operations. Slaw is listed by the Palisade Blade's human resource department as an employee with significant substance abuse, likely resulting from his demotion.

In 2029, Francis Pritchard hires Slaw for a covert operation to uncover information stored in the Palisade Blade pertaining to the Santeau Group. When Slaw becomes unresponsive, Pritchard sends Adam Jensen to track down Slaw. Slaw informs Jensen that he has backed out from assisting Pritchard, but nonetheless gives Jensen a Palisade Security Pass-Port, which Jensen later has reprogrammed in order to access the Palisade Blade.

Later, Slaw can be found inside the Palisade Blade, where he offers to assist Jensen in further infiltrating the compound.


  • Speaking to Slaw in the Blade results in the Knock Knock achievement.

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