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Pavel Mikulski is a Central European politician and a member of the European Parliament, active in 2029. He is radically opposed to augmentation technologies, and is behind numerous pieces of legislation meant to regulate or outright ban mechanical augmentations.

Biography Edit

Pavel Mikulski believes that since mechanical augmentations are an experimental new technology, they should be tightly regulated as with other new technologies. He claims that augmented people view "naturals" as inferior, and that if they do not act to restrict them, naturals will be proving the augmented right.[1]

According to Adam Jensen, Pavel Mikulski is not out to save humanity as he claims to be. Jensen opines that Mikulski simply wants augmented people "lined up against a wall and shot."[2]

Mikulski appears on Titus King's Picus TV show multiple times. During one such interview just outside Glasshütte in Dresden, Germany, a group of augmented terrorists attack and take King hostage. It is later revealed that Mikulski is involved in influencing attacks like this in collaboration with other Illuminati members as the first part of their larger plan to introduce the Human Restoration Act.[3] This act aims to severely restrict the rights of augmented people.

However, despite being an Illuminati member, he appears to hold a lower status than the ones he collaborates with. When he asks what they should call the future initiative, saying he has a few ideas, the others inform him they've already decided on a name.


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