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Pavla Keilmanovich is an employee of the surveillance room of Růžička Station in Prague in 2029.


Pavla was on her way to work her shift when the bombs exploded during the bombing of the Růžička Station. Before police arrives at the scene, Pavla is approached by Simon Whittaker, a member of Tarvos Security, who presents himself as part of the investigation. Pavla gives Whittaker the code to the Intellicam server room, permitting Whittaker to corrupt the footage, thereby turning the footage into distorted images. When the police is about to arrive, Whittaker gives Pavla a bribe and leaves.

After the event, Pavla contacts Task Force 29's Peter Chang and indicates that she has information about the footage. Chang sends Adam Jensen to Štúr Street to question Pavla. Pavla recounts the events of the incident to Jensen, leading Jensen to continue his investigation by heading to Tarvos' local Prague headquarters.