Pawn Shop computers are a set of computers that appear in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and have the same functions and e-mails. While they have a security rating of 1, if the player starts SM06: 01011000, they will all be unlocked as part of the side mission.

E-mails Edit

Maybe tomorrow? Edit

From: mach.ina
To: can.ope

Sorry I couldn't make it today. Had trouble getting through one of the checkpoints. Some damn wrench was causing problems and the rest of us had to suffer for it.

Do you mind telling me why we're being so easy on these people?

As far as I'm concerned, this Golem City project is too close for my peace of mind. Send 'em all to some island and blow the hell out of it for all I care. What about that Rabah place? Nice city in the middle of the desert, far from everyone else. Sounds about perfect to me. Give them a one way ticket to there.

Bah... Enough ranting. If you're still in we could meet tomorrow. What say?


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