Peng Xin Hao is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is an arms dealer in Hengsha in 2027.

Peng Xin Hao operates in the Alice Garden Pods, during the first visit to Hengsha, and from a small warehouse in Youzhao district after Adam Jensen comes back to Hengsha. He sells various types of weapons, ammunition, weapon upgrades, explosives and miscellaneous items.

As with any other merchant in the game, Jensen can also sell their items to him. Upon Jensen's return to Hengsha, Peng Xin Hao's inventory will be restocked with better items.

Peng Xin Hao wears a distinctive brooch on his scarf, similar to SeuratLu Pin Rong, and Lin Fu Ren, implying that they are part of a secret society.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other arms dealers, Peng Xin Hao is the only one that does not have any kind of security when revisiting Hengsha, thus giving the player an opportunity to either kill or knock him out without anyone going hostile.


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