Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility's Solitary Confinement building contains a single computer, which can be found in the security office below the cells. It is locked and has a security level of 1.

Fahrine Aziz's computerEdit

Emergency mode reportEdit

From: Javier Rhinebeck
To: Fahrine Aziz

Note: Some servers have been disengaged. This means the cell door systems of Solitary can't be opened. When everything settles down just reinstall them.

90% of all computers have switched over to emergency mode.

80% of all non-essential servers have been powered down.

100% of all essential servers are up and running.

100% of all remote backups are clean.

Good luck and be safe.

Javier Rhinebeck
Database Technician
Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility

Under your desks...Edit

From: Michael D. Rhowsay
To: All employees

During the last move, we had to adjust several desks to accommodate employee needs. This led us to discover that some people are having fun sticking gum under their desks. If you can believe, one desk had 104 pieces of gum. (Yes, I counted because I couldn't believe it)

Let me remind you that this practice is prohibited and there are more suitable places to deposit your gum. Anyone heard of a trash can?

Cleanliness is everybody's business. I think I need to remind you that it's also a federal offense. That's right! You can be arrested and sent to prison for defacing federal property. I cleaned off all the bottoms of desks and will be checking them every day from now to find out who has been doing this. To the perpetrator, consider this a warning.

To the rest, thank you for doing your part for the common good.

Michael D. Rhowsay
Operations Manager

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