"Pequod's brews the finest cup of coffee available anywhere in post-Collapse society. Only the most select coffee beans, grown in complete compliance with WTO health regulations, are chosen for the signature Pequod's Blend. The final product is cleansed of toxins and enriched with nanoscale scrub-bots, which whiten your teeth with every swallow. Nothing tastes better -- or is better for you -- than a tall Pequachino. Pequod's -- coffee for your kind of world."

Pequod's Coffee is one of the two competing worldwide coffee shop networks in 2072. Its main competitor is Queequeg's.

Unlike Queequeg's, Pequod's shops seem to be oriented to a more affluent clientele, for example, they are located in areas such as Upper Seattle and Cairo Arcology. Pequod's establishments serve nanotechnologically enhanced coffee. Their speciality is the "Pequachino".


In the Standard Security Corporation's Headquarters' evidence room in Trier, Germany, Alex Denton discovers that both Pequod's and Queequeg's belong to the same single parent company, unbeknownst to all their coffee shop owners. Two different coffee chains were created to conquer different tastes of customers; the rivalry between the networks is intended to stimulate public interest in their products all the while bringing profit for one monopolistic corporation. Denton can choose whether or not to reveal this business secret to the owner of Queequeg's shop in Trier.

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  • The revelation of a single ownership of such seemingly antagonistic coffee shop chains foreshadows a similar discovery about the World Trade Organization and the Order Church, which both prove to be mere branches of the Illuminati.


  • Pequod's and its competitor Queequeg's names are spoofs of the real life coffee chain Starbucks. All three of these names are taken from Herman Melville's famous novel Moby-Dick. Pequod is a fictional 19th century Nantucket whaleship whose voyage is portrayed in the book. Like its fictional counterparts, Starbucks was started in Seattle. Starbucks was also originally planned to be named Pequod's.


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