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Percival "Percy" Butler is the vendor at Tubehouse Electronics, a store in Čistá Čtvrť, Prague. He is one of the merchants in Prague.


Butler plans to conduct a screening of Solar Masked Cyborg O at his store, to be shown from discs he smuggled from overseas. If Adam Jensen speaks with Butler at his store, Butler will casually ask Jensen if he likes movies. However, if Jensen asks Butler what type of movies he's talking about, Butler will decline to comment further.

According to an e-mail found on his computer, Butler is mechanically augmented, but hides his augmentations.

Items for sale[]

  • 5 Biocells for 450 credits

The 90 credits per-unit price of this bundle is far lower than the per-unit price charged by any other vendor. This bundle is available for a one-time purchase and is not restocked between different visits to Prague.


  • Butler's name is not shown in the in-game interaction prompt. His name is known only from the computer in the store.
  • Occasionally, he'll sell 5 more biocells on Adam's second visit to Prague. What triggers this is not currently known.

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