Peter Chang's computer is a computer in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is located in the cyber crime lab of Task Force 29's headquarters, on Peter Chang's desk.

The computer has a security rating of 1 and the password is APHASIA5689.

E-mails Edit

RE: NSN security Edit

From: Director James Miller
To: Peter Chang


1. You’re right to call this to my attention. I’ll bear this in mind.
2. My personal life is nobody’s damn business. You’d do well to remember that in further communications.

Director Miller

From: Peter Chang
To: Director James Miller
Subject: NSN security

Director Miller,

About an hour ago your NSN keycard was on your desk in full view. The door was unlocked and you weren’t there. With all due respect I heard you might be going through some personal stuff and have just been distracted but, as you’d tell me yourself, the security of the NSN is paramount. Thanks for your understanding.


Janus audio Edit

From: Benjamin Scott
To: Peter Chang

Quick status report on the audio comm we intercepted via Roc3 last month:

1. We can’t say it’s Janus for sure but the patterns don’t preclude it as a possibility. It’s actually several years old. We tried voice-matching, but whatever tech Janus is using in comms like this is still beyond us. I personally think it’s him/her but that’s my gut, not science.

2. The area of recording holding the recipient has been reasonably easy to identify but the data is wrecked. Sounds like it might be the Jinn but that makes no sense. Could just as eailysicIcon sic be Din/Kin/similar.

3. Progress is slow going. Everything is seriously scrambled but after a hard week of processing, the only content we’ve extrapolated with some sense of confidence is the following:
“...[does not need] to be held tightly to [main]tain [------] too much [baggage?]/[package?] [right] now [------] [a?]/[ob?]session [------]”

Obviously, we’ll keep at it but the effort versus the reward is evidently becoming a problem and we might want to turn our time to other methods. Let me know how you want to proceed.


The intercepted audio communication from the last e-mail is the phrase that Janus said to Garvin Quinn at the end of The Missing Link, after Adam Jensen left the Rifleman Bank Station:

A hand does not need to be clenched tightly to maintain its hold on someone. Jensen carries too much baggage right now. His obsession with Reed only serves to distract him.
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