The Data Processing Area.

The Picus Confidential Data Processing Area computers are a pair of computers appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The are located in the Data Processing Area of Picus Communications' sub-basement.

Steven Winslow's computer[edit | edit source]

This computer is unlocked.

Security risks[edit | edit source]

FROM: Sheryl Harris
TO: Mtl_Picus_Confidential

Hello all,

Due to various incidents in the past few months, we have restricted the electronic messaging to internal transfers only.

Anyone with a Picus Confidential address will only be able to send messages within the Picus Confidential mailing servers.

The job we do here is as crucial as it is secretive. I'm sure you all understand.

Future breaches will be met with severe measures.

Sheryl Harris
Security Supervisor
Picus Confidential

Edits[edit | edit source]

FROM: Étienne Lapointe
TO: Steven Winslow

Sup Steve,

Listen, editors asked me to review your stuff about the 2nd World Enhanced Games. You're new here so don't take it personal, we all go through it. You have to remember to phrase things to make the context work for you and better support your point of view.
For instance I changed:

"Former or non-augmented athletes have diverging opinions towards augmented sports or athletes. But the public seems to enjoy the new promises of intensity and excitement offered by augmented disciplines. Still, the preparations for the upcoming 2nd World Enhanced Games are well under way."


"It's hard not to feel a touch of bitterness when asking former or non-augmented athletes about their various opinions towards augmented sports or athletes. But, according to some, the public seems to enjoy the new promises of brutal intensity and danger offered by augmented disciplines. Despite the tense climate the preparations for the upcoming 2nd World Enhanced Games are well under way, at least for now."

The idea is that I didn't really change anything that has been said or what happened, but the presentation and phrasing imply things that aren't necessarily there in the first place. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. You can edit the rest yourself.


Marie-Eve Danis's computer[edit | edit source]

Danis's computer is unlocked also.

About the violence in Mainland China[edit | edit source]

FROM: Amélie Poussier
TO: Marie-Eve Danis


You think Ricky's idea will work?


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