Pilgrim Station (Czech: Poutníkova Nádraží) is a metro station located in Dávný District of Prague. The station is part of the Prague Metro system and is one of the landmarks of Prague that are marked in the in-game map.

Overview Edit

"Pilgrim Station is well-known for its elaborate advertising, used to dazzle the heavily traveled touristic center of the city."
— Description of the landmark

At the exterior, the station features a large advertisement by VersaLife.

Inside the station, the restricted area (keycode 2548) near the ticket booth features a security room and a server room (keycode 9143). The server room has a vent connected to a storage unit and machine room of the Libuše Apartments, the machine room providing access to Libuše apartment no. 84.

At the end of the station's train platform is a maintenance room with a ladder that leads to a sewers section.

Pilgrim Station & Sewer 03

Annotated map of Pilgrim Station and the sewers below the station

Sewers below the station Edit

The sewers below the station has three rooms.

  • The first room, which is locked behind a metal gate, contains various weapons and ammunition.
  • The second room has a ceiling passage connected to the Dvali Theatre. This passage can be used for exiting the Dvali Theatre.
  • The third room, which is behind a breakable wall, contains a medical container with Neuropozyne and other supplies.

Notable items Edit

First room in the sewers (behind a locked metal door)

  • Weapons briefcase containing 10 mm Pistol and Pistol Regular Ammo
  • Weapons briefcase containing Combat Rifle AP Ammo (12 Rounds) and Mine Template
  • Weapons cabinet containing Tactical Shotgun, Stun Gun Ammo (5 rounds), and Shotgun EMP Ammo (5 rounds)
  • Combat Rifle
  • 10 Crafting Parts

Third room in the sewers (behind a breakable wall)

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