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"A modern 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics. Alternate fire mode toggles a beam flashlight."
- description of Pistol, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


Developed by Mako Ballistics, it's a semi-automatic weapon that fires 9mm rounds and uses universal ammo. It also comes with a flashlight that does not consume bioenergy. The Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol seems to be the standard issue weapon for SSC, primarily in low-risk areas like Upper Seattle. They also appear to be popular with low-level criminals, such as the thugs in Lower Seattle.


The pistol is accurate but does relatively little damage per shot, although it can put out a fair rate of fire. It consumes little ammo per shot, but at the cost of doing a fairly poor amount of damage.

Headshots will do more damage than hitting other part of an enemy.


  • Always go for headshots when using this weapon, as they do noticeably more damage than hits anywhere else on the body. Not going for headshots makes the pistol a weak weapon.
  • Keep some distance between enemies when using this weapon, as enemies tend to have more powerful weapons that do more damage at very close range, like the shotgun and the SMG. They can quickly out-damage the player at such ranges.
  • Early on in the game, a pistol with the silencer will be quite useful for those that want to go lethal. A silenced pistol can take down early-game enemies quickly without making any noise.
  • A simple but effective way to take down spider bots early is to grab a spare pistol and put the EMP converter mod on it. The pistol will do a good amount of damage to spider bots, with the bonus that it uses little ammo per shot.
  • After picking up other weapons, a pistol can still be very useful if it has the glass destabilizer mod, as it allows one to destroy glass with red laser beams without setting out the alarm and using little ammo to disable the glass.

Unique variantsEdit


  • The first pistol intended by the developers was the Mako Ballistics 10mm pistol, having a black color and a different barrel at the end compared to the Mako Ballistics 9mm pistol usable in-game.