Pistol Ammo (Kaiga Brass Royals 10mm Auto) is the ammunition used by the 10 mm Pistol (Zenith CA-40) and its Elite Edition variant in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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Compatible weapons Buy Price Sell Price In-Game Description
Regular DXMD pistol ammo regular All Pistol variants 10 Credit symbol 2 Credit symbol A box of 10x25mm, 155 grain, high performance rounds, specially designed to deliver stopping power and negligible drop or rise above point-of-aim when deployed by a 10 mm pistol. Their damage capacity can be negated by armor.
EMP DXMD pistol ammo emp 20 Credit symbol 5 Credit symbol A box of 10x25mm, EMP rounds designed to deliver an electromagnetic pulse. EMP rounds are suitable for use against robotic or augmented targets (as well as turrets and cameras).
For information on ammo types, see ammunition. For additional gameplay information, see the corresponding article for the weapon. Prices listed above are prices per ammo round.

Notable locations Edit

Regular Ammo Edit

  • Regular Ammo is commonly encountered. Every armed person in the game possesses an unlimited supply of CA-40s, making the supply of regular ammunition limitless.
  • Can be purchased from Tars and Louis Gallois.

EMP Ammo Edit

  • Can be purchased from Tars and Louis Gallois.

Notes Edit

  • Pistol AP Ammo can be encountered in the game, but is not usable by any weapon.
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