The Policie computer can be found in Prague's police station and has a security rating of 1.

E-mails Edit

Strange Man Edit

From: d.myska@tmail.mail
To: J.Otto@pcr.le

There is a strange man in my neighborhood. I have been seeing him on and off for many months now. He is constantly hiding in the shadows, following me everywhere I go. Last night I swore I could hear him in my sleep.

For once in your lives can't you please do something? Please, before it's too late.

Daria MyskasicIcon sic

Missing Cat Edit

This e-mail does not appear until after Adam Jensen returns from Golem City.

From: d.myska@tmail.mail
To: J.Otto@pcr.le

My cat's name is Starlight and he has been missing for over a week. He is half gray and half white. One eye is blue and one green. He is very unique and very precious to me.

I know you are all laughing behind my back, but Starlight means everything to me. I am lost without him.

Daria MyskasicIcon sic

In Honor of Montag Edit

This e-mail does not appear until after Jensen returns from Golem City.

From: M.Seifert@pcr.le
To: J.Otto@pcr.le

Our friend Karl Montag is retiring soon - assuming he lives through the murder case I just threw at him. In honor of the unremarkable career of an unremarkable man, I'm changing the door code to 0010 - the number of cases the old goon has solved in the thirty-five years he's been here.

Let's see how long it takes the great detective to crack this one.

Re: Restraint? Edit

This e-mail does not appear until after Jensen returns from G.A.R.M..

From: F.Lundi@pcr.le
To: J.Otto@pcr.le

The short answer to your question is "no." If we have been granted these powers it means we are expected to use them. As far as I am concerned, Prague is now an extension of Golem City. Act accordingly.

Your primary responsibility is to yourself and to the safety of your men. As someone who has spent many months in Golem, I can assure you it is better to be decisive than hesitant.

If you have the slightest doubt, treat the individual in front of you as a threat. And if it is cages we are missing, we will bring more cages.

Franz Lundi

Reinforcements Edit

This e-mail does not appear until after Jensen returns from G.A.R.M..

From: W.Povondra@pcr.le
To: J.Otto@pcr.le

I'm sending you additional men with experience in Golem City. Some of these men were forced to take leave following certain highly publicized incidents. I have made a special request to the ministry and fast-tracked their re-instatement.

In my opinion, these are exactly the kinds of officers you require for the task at hand. They are battle-tested and they know how to handle a crowd.

Just make sure to keep any cameras away. These are not the kinds of officers you want on the evening news.

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