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Port in a Storm is part 5 of biographical series on Nathaniel Brown, and a follow-up to part 3 "Billion Dollar Daydreams" and part 4 "City as Product". It appears as an eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and can be found in the Apex Centre in London, on a yellow sofa near the DJ's console on level 1.


Part 5 of Devine James' biographical series on Nathaniel Brown

Brown's strategy to embrace an augmented and vilified workforce garnered much criticism and forced him to become more involved in the humanitarian issue than he probably first intended.

Now it would appear that Santeau's CEO is embracing a role that many critics considered was nothing but a distracting cloak to warm Brown's less charitable business decisions. In a move to quieten the constant stream of naysayers waiting for a billion-dollar punchline, Brown has evolved his pitch on "city as product" into the creation of the Safe Harbour Initiative. This international action plan is an industry call to governments around the world to promote the creation of independent city-states for oppressed demographics.

The idea to empower weak or persecuted social groups with the ability to independently sustain themselves, all while generating a background profit for the company who facilitated the haven in the first place, has generated understandable debate on both sides. With Santeau's flagship product Rabi'ah close to completion, it remains to be seen where this might lead.