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Prague (Czech: Praha) is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. It is one of the locations visited by Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Background Edit

In 2016, the Czech Republic experienced an economic boom. As a result, Prague became one of the world's leading metropolitan cities.[1] During the economic boom, Prague also became home to a large number of Augmented workers, who played a key role in providing the workforce needed to build new infrastructure.[2]

When the Aug Incident struck in 2027, public opinion quickly shifted against the augmented, who became subject to strict laws. Many of them were forced into the Útulek Complex, a facility located at the outskirts of the city. Originally built to house workers, the Útulek Complex devolved into an aug ghetto and became known as Golem City.

The Palisade Bank Corporation has constructed innovative data storage facilities in the city, known as the Palisade Blades. They are an iconic part of the Prague skyline in 2029[3] and a symbol of the Czech Republic's pro-corporate legislation.[4] Other prominent organizations in the city include the Central European Division of Task Force 29, and the Dvali family.

In 2029, Adam Jensen arrives in Prague, where he works as an agent of the local Task Force 29 unit. During Jensen's time in Prague, a terrorist attack takes place in Růžička Station, a large train station in the city. The perpetrators are suspected to be connected to the Augmented Rights Coalition, a group which has a division in Golem City.

Locations Edit

The following locations appear in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Růžička Station Edit

Růžička Station (Růžičkovo Nádraží) is a train station in Prague. Early in the events of Mankind Divided (taking place in late 2029), a terrorist group, suspected to be the Augmented Rights Coalition, bombs the station. In the Desperate Measures DLC, Adam Jensen investigates the truth behind the bombing. The train station is also accessible by metro.

Districts north of the railroad Edit

Prague districts

Districts, metro stations, and major locations in Prague

The accessible region north of the railroad is sometimes referred to as "northern Prague" in various articles on this wiki. It is divided into the three districts listed below, from west to east:

  • Čistá Čtvrť ("Pure District") (also Čistá District and Prague West) – This district consists of the areas on and to the east of the section of Hlavní ("main") street that runs from Monument Station to the Vltava River, and a small area east of Monument Station.
    • Palisade Property Bank – The headquarters of Palisade Bank Corporation in Čistá čtvrť.
    • Palisade Station (Palisády Nádraží) – A metro station in the northeast part of the district. It is named after the Palisade Bank Corporation.
    • 33 Hlavní Apartments - A modern-style apartment complex.
    • Task Force 29 HQ – Prague is the headquarters of the Central European Division of Task Force 29. The HQ is located underground, hidden beneath an ordinary-looking building occupied by Praha Dovoz.
    • Monument Station (U Památníku Nádraží) – A metro station south of the Růžičkovo Most pedestrian bridge.
  • Dávný District (also Dávný Obvod District and Dávný Čtvrť)
  • Red Light District – The easternmost part of the accessible region north of the railroad and the location of Prague's nightlife, strip clubs, bars, and Dvali controlled territory. The Red Light District is open only at night, and is therefore not accessible until Jensen's second visit to Prague.

Překážka Edit

The accessible district south of the railroad is known in-game as Překážka ("obstacle").

Blade Plaza Edit

Blade Plaza (Náměstí Mečů) is featured in the System Rift DLC. It is located to the west of Překážka.

Other locations Edit


  • The fashion of civilians in Prague was designed as Corporate Feudalism as opposed to the Cyber-Renaissance as seen in Detroit and Hengsha.[5] Cyber-Renaissance expresses emotion/art where Corporate Feudalism represents reason/function.[6] Wealthy citizens are dressed in unsaturated colors, bear corporate logos on their clothes, and blend in without drawing attention to themselves. Impoverished citizens wear garments based on Cyber-Renaissance that have deteriorated to the point that they are reinforced with plastic, duct tape, and scavenged material.
  • Owing to Prague's age and rich history, the design of the Prague police uniforms incorporated elements of medieval armor.[7] The armor features analogs to pauldrons, tabards, gorgets, gauntlets, etc. The police logo is used as a coat of arms to reinforce the Corporate Feudalism of the city.
  • As depicted in-game, the north sides of the Čistá and Dávný districts and the west side of the Blade Plaza are adjacent to the Vltava river. Under this geographical arrangement, these areas would correspond to the eastern portion of Prague 1 Municipal District of real-world Prague. However, the background scenery of the river, as seen in-game, appears to be based on Prague's real-world skyline on the east side of the Vltava river when viewed from the west side of the the river.
  • Originally, the Prague districts in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided were planned to have a east-and-west divide, with the railroad running from north to south. This was later changed to a north-south divide. Nonetheless, a map with an east-and-west divide can be found in the abandoned tourist center in Překážka.


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