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This page lists emails found in the game files of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that were presumably written for various locations in Prague, but do not appear in-game. Therefore, these emails have been classified as cut emails.

Adam Jensen's computers[]

Main article: Adam Jensen's computers cut emails (DXMD)

Task Force 29 HQ[]

Main article: Task Force 29 HQ cut emails

Palisade Property bank[]

Main article: Palisade Property Bank cut emails

Růžička Station[]


Game asset files: m02_rucker_001_emltrainstation_metro_sec_hub_en.textlist
In-game, the code "dellarocca" is provided by a different message, found in a pocket secretary.

To: Igor Blume

The State Police technician will need to access the Security Hub. We have already provided him with the entry code. But I will need you to reset the terminal code on site. As they have requested, the new code will be DELLAROCCA.

Sobchak Security[]

Aurelius Milkovich's surname is spelled "Milkovitch" in the cut emails, instead of "Milkovich" as spelled in-game. The spelling of "Milkovitch," while not used in-game, is also the form that is used in the filenames for the graphical assets for this character. Some of the cut emails have an unusual "Body" field displayed for the "reference email" portions.

RE: RE: Special order[]

Game asset file: m99_011_emlcommon_es11_4_en.textlist

From: Jean Mercer
To: Sobchak Security

Hamma! So you are NOT the Aurelius Milkovitch I am looking for? Former vojenské zpravodajství agent? Former Belltower operative?

That is a shame. Perhaps there is business we can discuss even if you are not the man I am looking for!

I still think it would be best if we were to meet in person. At the place of your choosing, of course. Perhaps at you home? Do you still live in the Libuse apartment complex near Asimov station? Unit 95 I believe? Perhaps we could meet there?

I look forward to seeing you soon.

From: Sobchak Security
To: Jean Mercer
Subject: RE: Special order

Who are you? What do you want with me?

I am NOT who you are looking for. No meeting, no business. I only run Sobchak Security.

Don't ever contact me again. I have protection, I can defend myself if I have to.

Sobchak Security
Don't be out of your element

From: Jean Mercer
To: Sobchak Security
Subject: Special order

Mr. Milkovitch?

I do hope I have the right person. Apologies if this is not the correct address. An old acquaintance of yours has suggested that you may be in a position to help me with a special order, if indeed you are the Aurelius Milkovitch I am looking for.

He also suggested that I may be able to help you with your particular... interest. I know that you are curious about your former employer and their past wrongdoings. And possibly your own part in these wrongdoings, as well?

Ah. Who am I to say or to judge? We have all done things we are less than proud of haven’t we? Some of us will continue to do these things. That is the way of the world, is it not?

When may we discuss business?

Ivo sends his regards,

Jean Mercer

Remember! Do NOT forget this!!![]

Game asset file: m99_011_emlcommon_es11_5_en.textlist

From: Aurelius Milkovitch
To: Sobchak Security

In case my memory fucks up again. Get it into your head DAMMIT! I need to regain control of my own brain. Everything I’ve been working for for almost 2 years. GOT to know what happened! Then I can sleep. I'll be able to sleep finally. No nightmares... no nothing...

Just need to find a way into the corporate vaults... I KNOW there's something in there, and that keycard is my ticket. Finally get to the bottom of this.

Shit... I hope I have protection down there. Nobody can know.


I’m so close! I can taste it! Don’t get off-track. Has to be done soon. Someone is onto me.

remember. 2374. 2374.2374.2374.2374.2374. Don’t blow your own ass up, Aury.

RE: Order[]

Game asset file: m99_011_emlcommon_es11_6_en.textlist

From: Mirror Scan
To: Sobchak Security

Good day Sobchak Security,

Due to the exotic nature of some of the items included in you latest order, we are obliged to warn you that the items in question may not be legal for civilians to own or operate in your area. Please consult your local by-laws and authorities

We recognize you as a loyal and valued customer, and a distributor of our fine products and hope you will continue to shop MirrorScan.

Thank you,
MirrorScan Intl.


Now that that is out of the way... This is a big one Aurelius. But I know you’re good for it. Besides. A man has the right to protect himself, right?

One thing. We can’t send all this stuff by the regular route. Not with how things stand in Prague. Never get through customs. However... I DO have some contacts in the city that might be willing to act as go-between... for a price.

Means a bit of a premium for you. Get back to me.


From: Sobchak Security
To: MirrorScan
Subject: Order

Big order this month.

12 x Laser-triggered ED
4 x biocell plugs
2 x FLAIR X60 UD mini-thermal cameras
1 x white-noise generator
1 x ACM-300 countermeasures amplifier

As usual, this is strictly confidential. Please deliver in plain unmarked crates.

Sobchak Security
Don't be out of your element

The Music Box[]

New album coming up![]

Game asset file: m02_music_box01_eml_apt_music_box_01_en.textlist

From: Lithium Dawn Newsletter
To: Ondrej Tvarozek

Hi Ondrej !
As usual I'm impressed by your musical talent and really mixed the influences there ! It's less dark than Aion, more optimistic I'd even say from what I just heard. I'll keep listening !
So when are you coming back to Prague for another concert ?? We could arrange for a signing at the shop, and there actually a stage getting built right in front of the store !
I'll try to promote your album the best I can. You know Aion's album cover is still on the walls of the store ;)

Our new album, Tearing back the veil, is coming out December 5th ! We have sent you some promotional material so if you like it, please put some up in your store ! We've also sent you a link to our server where you can dowloadsicsic it, let us know what you think !
I do hope you will appreciate as much as you did Aion, our first album. It is still available for free on our Bandcamp's page right there :
Hope U R well and ready for some music !!

33 Hlavní Apartments[]


Game asset file: m99_005_emlcommon_es5_3_en.textlist
This email was unfinished. The body text is a draft description of the planned contents.

From: Sender
To: Even Prybil

WIP. Email speaking of Even's desire or attempts into whether the younger child might be able to stay with someone else. Suggests he doesn't want to have to look after the child on his own.

Libuše Apartments[]

ES18 3[]

Game asset file: m99_018_emlcommon_es18_3_en.textlist
The content of this email is related to the cut pocket secretary message "RE: RE: RE: Picus dirt." The email subject line "ES18 3" is a placeholder from the game asset file name of this text.

From: Penny Vale

Laura. Don't tell me this stuff. I don't want to know.

Isn't it bad enough that you were fired and now you're writing for a cheap gossip rag? What more do you want? You want them to come after you with a libel suit? Because they will!


To: Penny Vale
Subject: Breakthrough!

I may have finally caught a break, Penny. Came across some information about Picus and their smoke and mirrors show.

They tried to shut me up. Fired me. But I've still got contacts in there. People who think like I do. People who know what's right.

Wait for a big story to break, sis. It' sin the works



Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_01_en.textlist
This email is a variation of the one seen in the Libuše Apartments computers.


To all tenants,

Please refrain from using the trash chute for items larger than it was intended for. In the last month, we have had to call in someone to unplug the chute three times. All oversized refuse should be placed directly in the basement containers. If you are worried about anyone seeing what you are disposing of, simply wrap it in a handy carpet.

Thank you,

The Management

Future-Past Antiký[]

RE: Old Memory Disk Reader?[]

Game asset file: sm07_ant1q07_eml_antiky_antiky1_q07_en.textlist

From: Donovan Walker
To: Future-Past Antiký

Yes! Please hold it for me until I get there. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes!

Donovan Walker

p.s. On the off chance that someone else comes in asking for the same kind of reader, please, please, please stall them. I suspect it might be an old friend.

From: Future-Past Antiký
To: Donovan Walker
Subject: Re: Old Memory Disk Reader?

I think we have exactly what you're looking for. Only one though! Would you like me to hold it for you?

From: Donovan Walker
To: Future-Past Antiký
Subject: Old Memory Disk Reader?

Hi there. My colleagues and I have traveled a very long way to pick up an old memory disk. You know the kind I'm talking about? Circa 1989. Described as "floppy" but isn't actually floppy. There's some lost company data stored on it that our employer is very eager to read. By any chance, might you have something that could read it?

Donovan Walker

Robin Johannes[]

RE: Book Query[]

Game asset file: m99_014_emlcommon_es14_3_en.textlist

From: Picus Publishing
To: Robin Johannes

Ms Johannes.

Thank you for your submission but we regret to inform you that we will not be considering your book for publishing at this time. We do not believe the market is looking for such potentially controversial and divisive material in the current climate. Thank you for your interest in Picus Publishing.

Kelly Vincent
Editor, Picus Publishing

From: Robin Johannes
To: Picus Publishing
Subject: Book Query

Dear Ms Vincent,

How is history a reflection of the times and not necessarily a reflection of the true events of that time?

That is one of the questions I am answering in my new book (title - TBA). It will tackle the issue of the augmented and how they have been misrepresented by history in the light of recent troubles. I hope that this will catch your interest as much as it has mine. I believe this is something that not only needs to be examined, but that will sell.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Robin Johannes

RE: Book Query[]

Game asset file: m99_014_emlcommon_es14_4_en.textlist

From: PSPublishing
To: Robin Johannes

What are you? Some kind of Aug-lover?

No a chance in hell that I will allow this seditious garbage to be printed or distributed or whatever through MY company. Find some other patsy.

Myron Carter

"We'll publish your stuff"

From: Robin Johannes
To: PSPublishing
Subject: Book Query

Dear Mr. Carter,

How is history a reflection of the times and not necessarily a reflection of the true events of that time?

That is one of the questions I am answering in my new book (title - TBA). It will tackle the issue of the augmented and how they have been misrepresented by history in the light of recent troubles. I hope that this will catch your interest as much as it has mine.

I believe this is something that not only needs to be examined, but that will sell. I realize this is a contentious subject. It has scared away the publishers I have contacted, that is why I am opting for self-publication with your press.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Robin Johannes

This can't go on![]

Game asset file: m99_014_emlcommon_es14_6_en.textlist

From: FlionAWOL
To: Robin Johannes

You won't believe what I saw just now out front here. The police were terrorizing this young girl just because she was augmented. She couldn't have been more than 12 or 13!

Who are you supposed to call when the police are the ones doing that? One man tried to intervene and they arrested him too!

What's this city coming to?

Jessika Chvatal[]

Conversation History[]

Game asset file: m99_003_emlcommon_es3_4_en.textlist
This email was unfinished. The body text is a draft description of the planned contents.

From: Eugen.Weisse@prgmail.mail
To: jessikat101@freemail.mail

WIP: Potentially guilt-inducing message from one student to the other saying that the "professor" said everything was OK to use the new batch.

Helena Volin[]

Let's do it[]

Game asset file: m99_007_emlcommon_es7_3_en.textlist

From: Petr Volin
To: Helena Volin

Look at this!

"... has seen an increased demand for marginal artists, including works created by the augmented. This may seem controversial to some, but the art world has never shied from that.

In fact, augmented artists may have found a powerful ally in the form of Nathaniel Brown, CEO of The Santeau Group. A professed art connoisseur, Brown has already undertaken to open an impressive art gallery in Rabi'ah, as well a plan to offer grants specifically to augmented artists to come live and work in his desert oasis. 'I think the augmented, due to their particular nature and the nature of their enhancements, create art differently' says Brown. 'They may well influence a whole new movement, and I encourage other patrons of the arts in Rabi'ah and elsewhere to embrace these artists.'

The fact remains, that for now, augmented artists remain at the fringe and that getting to Rabi'ah to enjoy what seems to be enviable artistic freedom, may be well beyond most."

We've got to try, sis. We may never get this kind of chance again. If Jacob can help get us there... Even just credits (he has enough).

I don't want to end up like crazy Havel...



The following emails name a recipient who is not mentioned in-game.

Where are you?[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_02_en.textlist

From: prettypony
To: joker007

What the hell, Johnny? Where have you been? You can't just disappear like that for days and weeks on end. I'm starting to think you're some kind of secret agent or something. How do you swing so much time off work anyway?

Look. It's my parents' wedding anniversary next week. You should be there. You'd BETTER be there.


PS - at least give me a call and tell me where you are... jerk ;)

Poker tonite[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_03_en.textlist

From: joker007
To: Da boyz

You all on for tonight? I need some cash for the weekend and I can't think of a better place to get it than from you pigeons.

Besides, what else have you got to do in this town, waste you credits on some Red Light natch? Probably turn you all down even if you pay for it.


Guess what Marge![]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_04_en.textlist

From: BIGshOT30
To: marg.inal@masseter

So... I'm walking up to my building today after picking up some things from the market and what do I see? The police are ushering the family from the apartment building out of the front door.

They finally kicked that wrench out of the building! Ha!

About time. Imagine putting a whole building at risk like that. She could have killed us all if she'd gone crazy again. She knew that, and even then it took the police to get her to leave. There's a whole community of her own kind over in Golem City. Why didn't she just go on her own? I'll never understand them.

By the way, did you catch the last episode of To Catch An Aug? I can't believe they let Billy get away with that.


Re: Tonight's Shipment[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_06_en.textlist

From: Hooded808
To: Redbill

Stop whining. We're getting good money to do this. And those people need this stuff. Besides, what's the real risk? Even if we get caught, they'll take it out on those poor fuckers, not us. Maybe we get a slap on the wrist. Besides, it only mentions wrenches entering Golem with food. Not us.

Just meet me at our usual spot. We sneak in. Get some creds AND feel good about ourselves.


From: Redbill
To: Hooded808
Subject: Tonight's Shipment

You hear about the new checkpoint protocols?! Shit, man! That last attack really stirred up a shitstorm at city hall.

I don't know if I want to risk crossing tonight. Maybe we should call it off. At least for a while until things cool off.


Maybe tomorrow?[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_07_en.textlist

From: mach.ina
To: can.ope

Sorry I couldn't make it today. Had trouble getting through one of the checkpoints. Some damn wrench was causing problems and the rest of us had to suffer for it.

Do you mind telling me why we're being so easy on these people?

As far as I'm concerned, this Golem City project is too close for my peace of mind. Send 'em all to some island and blow the hell out of it for all I care. What about that Rabah place? Nice city in the middle of the desert, far from everyone else. Sounds about perfect to me. Give them a one way ticket to there.

Bah... Enough ranting. If you're still in we could meet tomorrow. What say?


This can't go on...[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_08_en.textlist

From: FlionAwol
To: OffD.Wol

You won't believe what I saw just now out front here. The police were terrorizing this young girl just because she was augmented. She couldn't have been more than 12 or 13!

Who are you supposed to call when the police are the ones doing that? One man tried to intervene and they arrested him too!

What's this city coming to?

[UNSENT MESSAGE] I'm coming!!![]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_09_en.textlist

From: FlionAwol
To: Bofort

I'm packed and ready! Finally.

My train leaves Ruzicka station tomorrow at 9:45am. So I should be pulling in around 13:15 (according to the schedule) barring any issues between now and then.

Can't wait to see

Message saved

Re: Oil change[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_10_en.textlist

From: HamNegg
To: MachineMan

Are you nuts?! You know what kind of shit is going down in there right now after the train station? Ther's gonna be cops everywhere.

Let's just go to the Red L>ight and get some natch.


From: MachineMan
To: HamNegg
Subject: Oil change


How about we go trolling for some chrome in GC tonight? Most of the guys are in.

Machine Man

Secret Prague[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_11_en.textlist

From: LostLamb
To: Jan

Listen, I know you don't believe in this stuff, but I swear I've seen stealth aircraft flying over the city. More than once.

I actually saw it disappear! I ain't kidding. Whoever owns it must have invested in some serious camo. Couldn't hear it either. It was running silent. Headed toward Golem City.

You're probably sitting there rolling your eyes. ‘Crazy Lana's at it again'... Well, keep looking up, Jan. Maybe you won't see it too!


Cheating bastard!!![]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_12_en.textlist

From: Roxie
To: G.Sumner

You bastard! You went back! After everything we discussed you went back anyway. You promised you wouldn't go into the Red Light anymore!

You're such an ass. I TOLD you I'd find out if you tried.

What the hell are you thinking? I HATE YOU!!


Re: Sick[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_13_en.textlist

To: Amy

Oh. Is that right? You're sick? Maybe you want me to come over with some chikensicsic soup and ru bsicsic your feet?!

Let me tell you something. You get that sweet ass out of bed and go make me some money or I;msicsic gonna beat you into Golem City. You hetsicsic what I'm sayin?

Dont make me come over there.

From: Amy
Subject: Sick

Honeybear, I'm sick. I think I came down with something I won't be able to handle any calls today, in or out.'

Sorry Baby

RE: Just one more day[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlany_prague_generic_14_en.textlist

From: Rudi.Heinzel
To: Jan.Heinzel


My brother?! My brother wouldn't have put me in this position. My brother wouldn't use his own daughter as a human shield!

I spoke for you, Jan. I told Mr. Nikoladze to his face that he could trust you. How do you think that makes me look? I knew this was a mistake from the start.

Now what do I

Draft saved

From: Jan.Heinzel
To: Rudi.Heinzel
Subject: Just one more day

Rudi. You must help me. I know that I still owe Mr. Nikoladze an outstanding debt. And I know I assured you and him that it would be paid on time, but you know what happened with Maria.

Please Rudi, your own neice.

You must tell Mr. Nikoladze that I am good for it. I beg you.

Your brother

Extra shifts[]

Game asset files: m99_016_emlcommon_es16_3_en.textlist

From: Jakub Klebanow
To: Melonie Lam

Until we can find a replacement for Felice everyone is going to have to work together to pick up the slack. We'll be moving to multiple shifts with nights starting this week and David's still sick so you'll be picking up his responsibilities too for a few days. You'll need the security codes for both keypads, 3998 and 3999. They're easy to remember but be sure to keep them to yourself.

Jakub Klebanow
Duty Manager

Unfinished emails[]

Aug Fugitive 1[]

Game asset file: m99_001_emlmodern_ed23_aug_fugitive_1_en.textlist
The "from" and "to" fields of this entry are blank. The body text is a description of the intended content.

Apartment of an augmented man who used to count on them to cheat his way in Casinos but lately, his augs are no longer working properly (EMP-blocked?) and now, owes a lot of money to the Dvali.

Now, he left town secretly since he knows that the Dvali are about to come & knock on his door to reclaim their due and he prepared a little surprising "aurevoir" setup for them...

Aug Fugitive 3[]

Game asset file: m99_003_emlmodern_ed23_aug_fugitive_3_en.textlist
The "from" and "to" fields of this entry are blank. The body text is a description of the intended content.

Backstory and hint at booby trapped locker neabysicsic


  • The email to Helena Volin mentions a character named "Havel," who is not mentioned in-game but a computer portrait of whom is known from the game files.
  • The game files also include the following emails with no content: m99_001_emlpuppet_puppet_shop_1_en.textlist, m99_001_emlpuppet_puppet_shop_2_en.textlist, m99_001_emlpuppet_puppet_shop_3_en.textlist, m99_002_emlcommon_es2_4_en.textlist, and m99_002_emlcommon_es2_5_en.textlist.

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