Praxis Kits are consumable items in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided used to unlock augmentations.

Overview Edit

For background information, see Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kits offer "Praxis Points," which are used to unlock augmentations. Praxis Points can alternatively be earned by in-game experience.

Praxis Kits obtainable in-game Edit

Mankind Divided main game Edit

A total of 20 Praxis Kits are obtainable in-game.

City Location
Prague 4 kits (in total) are sold by Tars (merchant in Zelen Apartments, apt. 21) for 10000 Credit symbol each.
  • 2 kits are available during the first visit to Prague (unobtainable after leaving for Golem City)
  • 1 kit is available after returning from Golem City (unobtainable after leaving for G.A.R.M.)
  • 1 kit is available after returning from G.A.R.M.
Prague In the Zelen Apartments, apt. 32 (the one with the eviction sign one floor below Jensen's), in a hidden floorboard right below the window.
Prague In Koller's dungeon, inside a safe in the gas-filled room accessible via a hidden vent near the elevator. Interact with a painting near the elevator door to access the hidden vent. The safe also contains the triangle code #14.
Prague In TF29 HQ Infirmary, inside a medical box on an upper shelf (on the wall that borders with the storeroom).
Prague In the ceiling of the LIMB clinic, inside one of the cardboxes.
Prague In the Libuše Apartments, apt. 96, inside a box on top of the kitchen cabinets.
Prague In the Palisade Property Bank, in the secret room in the CEO's office.
Prague In the Palisade Property Bank, in Executive Safes B, in a level 5 safe under the turret.
Golem City In a medical box on the far side of the police-cordonned storage area near Sokol’s apartment.
Golem City Completing the gold penguin task (The Golden Rookery) opens a hidden compartment containing a Praxis Kit.
Golem City In the Ridit Station (located in ARC territory), in a room with a door labeled "350401." The door is at the north eastern part of the map of the Ridit Station, level 1. The kit is inside a wall-mounted container whose front is covered by a blue tarp. It is the room you can enter after dropping down a long shaft from Level 7 toward the right of the map. (See image)
Golem City In a level 5 safe in Talos Rucker's security room in his office.
(after Golem City)
In the Palisade Property Bank, in the Tai Yong Medical corporate vault.
(after Golem City)
In Radich Nikoladze's office in the Dvali Theater, inside a safe behind a hidden panel on the red wall.
(after Golem City)
In Allison Stanek's room on the top floor of the Church of the MachineGod, in the attic storage area above the terminals, accessible during and after the mission Confronting the Bomb-Maker. The Church of the MachineGod is also made accessible by progression through the alternative mission, The Heist.
(after Golem City)
Can be obtained during the Fade to Black side mission - given to you by Olivie if you convinced Vlasta to smuggle Olivie (make sure to talk to her before leaving). This side mission is available only during the second visit to Prague.
London On Viktor Marchenko's body.

Jensen's Stories Edit

For Praxis Kit locations in Jensen's Stories (DLC missions), see the respective walkthrough articles for Desperate Measures, System Rift, and A Criminal Past.

Notes Edit

  • At the time of the game's release, a total of 5 Praxis Kits could be unlocked by completing certain tasks in the mobile game Deus Ex GO. These Praxis Kits became unobtainable when the Deus Ex Universe app was discontinued in 2018.
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