This page contains transcripts of the pocket secretaries found in the Růžička Station in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The pocket secretaries in Růžička Station mainly contain keycode and password information.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Strange Smell[edit | edit source]

On a scaffold on the metro station train platform

To: Kara Krasse
From: Kristin Booktin

Hey Kara, the police have been saying there is a strange smell coming from the maintenance area. Can you get utilities down there please to take a look? Last thing we need is a gas leak on top of everything that's happened, thx.

Capek Fountain Station[edit | edit source]

In the maintenance room at the back of the metro station train platform

To: Viktor Zavesky
From: Wilhelm Chrin

Hey Vik

Going to need you to head over to Capek Fountain Station. Someone called in sick for the ticket booth. You can tap in with 3998.

Thanks, I owe you one.

lets do it[edit | edit source]

On the body of a deceased civilian in the gas-filled passageway between the central hall and the maintenance room

To: Zheb Ulon
From: Bart Aloeff


Try the vent we spotted to get in to the maintenance room at Ruzie. My sister confirmed the cops have been using it for lost and found or something and gave me a code to use 0808..If you find something worth selling come find me later in the week. DON'T sell anything without me....I'll know.


Ticket Booth Terminal[edit | edit source]

On one of the police officers guarding the stairway

To: C.Hajny@pcr.le

As requested, we have overridden all computer credentials to facilitate your investigation. Password for the Ruzicka Station ticket booth terminal has been changed to ANTARES.

REMINDER: Ticket comp files[edit | edit source]

On the stairway

To: Greg Chivers
From: Hengel Rimes

ANTARES is the name of a star, Greg. Honestly, if you're complaining THAT's too complicated then you might need to change jobs to something that doesn't require a head. Now do me a favor, stop whining, copy the requested files off the ticket computer as you were told and then tell me when you're done, The cops aren't in the mood for waiting.

Ruzicka Security Room[edit | edit source]

On a police officer in the security room area

To: D.Veta@pcr.le

As requested, we have overridden all entry codes to facilitate your investigation. Entry code for the Ruzicka security room has been changed to 8066.

Ruzicka Security Room[edit | edit source]

On the civilian working in the sever room


Due to the attack, our servers had to be given a hard reboot. To be safe, and ensure no one gets locked out, the security room entry code has been reset to 8066.

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