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REX-84, also known as RX 84, is a covert United States counter-insurgency and continuity of government program. Ostensibly intended for use in a national crisis, REX-84 instead served as the legal basis for ongoing extrajudicial detention and execution of enemies of the state.


In 2027, REX-84 was divided into multiple plans, including:

  • REX-84 Alpha ("Operation Garden Plot"): Subsection of Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, regulating large-scale suppression, arrest, and detainment of civilians in an emergency. Officially intended to suppress insurgence and "unlawful assemblies" and "rebellion" in situations where ordinary proceedings would be impractical, it effectively subordinated local, state, and federal police and National Guard to the federal government and its political goals. In Detroit alone, this would marshal between five and twelve thousand troops.[1]
  • REX-84 Charlie ("Operation Night Train", later "Operation Terror Trail"): Ongoing program of extrajudicial detention of political opponents, using separatism or terrorism as rationale.[2]

The program remained on the books in 2052. Redesignated RX 84, it provided for the detention of six million Americans, including the President, his cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court.[3] Detention could be imposed on citizens deemed to be dangerous to the continuance of public order, in an estimated eleven camps worldwide. The plan would be triggered in the event of a national emergency (invasion, concerted military strike, civil disruption, natural disaster, pandemic or other condition deemed an imminent threat to the safety and stability of the country), using military and commandeered civilian vehicles to execute. The decision could reportedly be triggered unilaterally.[4]

FEMA would gain total authority over national resources, transportation, media, and all uniformed services once said emergency was declared. Millions of Americans would be arrested on the day the emergency was declared and remanded to FEMA concentration camps. The proscription lists included primarily immigrants and people on FBI watchlists.[5] Although tabloids like the Midnight Sun exposed the program, they were largely ignored.[6]

REX-84 was executed by Majestic 12 in 2052, coinciding with the centralization of all Internet traffic throught the Aquinas router at Area 51. President Philip Riley Mead declared martial law nationwide, and FEMA Director Walton Simons was placed at the head of an interim council managing the government response. REX-84 was supposed to guarantee a bloodless coup.[7] However, in reality, it plunged the United States into chaos, as multiple governors and military leaders refused to comply with the orders or accept Simons as their dictator, while grassroots resistance began in the form of widespread desertions and urban riots.[8]



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