Radich Nikoladze, leader of the Dvali, has a computer located in the Dvali Theatre. It does not show up until M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues. If Radich has remained as the leader of Dvali, the computer will have a security rating of 1, and may be unlocked by the password "vincam". If Otar has become the leader of the Dvali, the computer will be unlocked.

E-mails Edit

RE: London Delivery Complete Edit

To: radich.n@thefamily

Final payment transferred.

From: radich.n@thefamily
Subject: London Delivery Complete

Your shipment has arrived at Heathrow and has 'cleared' customs.
Our people will begin loading it onto a truck 2h and 15min after official sunset, London time.
It will be ready for you at the Apex Centre reception bay prior to sunrise, in lot TI99-4A, just in time for the Safe Harbour Convention.

RE: Auditions tonight Edit

From Konstantine Zoidze
To: Radich Nikoladze

I’m on a train out of town tonight, remember? I’ll have Abram Grinin take care of it.

From: Radich Nokoladze
To: Konstantine Zoidze
Subject: Auditions tonight
Make sure everything goes smoothly tonight. We need at least 5 girls who are "qualified" enough for our shipment up north.
You know what they like, don‘t waste time if the potential isn't there. As usual whoever doen'tsicIcon sic make the cut gets sent to Moscow. My film producer friends there are always looking for new talent.

RE: Trouble coming Edit

From: Hi0ctane@timestop.mail
To: Radich Nikoladze

youresicIcon sic the boss, boss.

but the product isntsicIcon sic up to me itssicIcon sic up to gallois

- VK

From: Radich Nikoladze
To: Hi0ctane@timestop.mail
Subject: RE: Trouble coming

I've told them your shop is to be left alone, but remember Vaclav,sicIcon sic don't mistake my kindness for friendship. You just keep me supplied with the product, and I'll make sure you stay alive.

RE: reconciliation Edit

From: Masa KadleksicIcon sic
To: Radich Nikoladze

Let me be very clear; Dominik’s future is not his to decide, and it is most certainly not yours.
I also would prefer to return to our former state of full cooperation, but until you do as I ask, I’m afraid that the distance between you and l will only grow.

From: Radich Nikoladze
To: Masa Kadlek
Subject: reconciliation

Masa,sicIcon sic

I don’t get involved in other peoples family matters. What Dominik does is his business. That said, this deep freeze between us isn’t doing either of our interests any good. So out of respect for you, I’ll pass on your message to him - but the decision will still be his. Masa,sicIcon sic you’re selling Dominik short. Your son has earned a place at my table and I have big plans for his future.
You should be very proud.


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