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Radko Maximilian Perry is an extremely anti-augmentation politician in Prague. In 2029, he is campaigning to be elected Head Secretary to the Office of the Regional Inspector of Municipal Affairs. He is a demagogue that is aware that his voters barely know what the role of the Head Secretary is meant to be. His strategy is to associate an anti-augmentation message with his name, in the hopes that he can run for any position he wants on this basis.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Although Perry is publicly against augmentations, he admits that he is simply trying to appeal to the public's prejudice against the augmented. In private, he spends time with augmented prostitutes, and is therefore not as against them as he claims to be.

A number of these workers blackmail Perry with footage of him with them in order to get money from him. The journalist Angela Gunn found out about his secret, and attempts to blackmail him with it also. However, instead of requesting money, Gunn demands that he change his anti-Aug stance to a more moderate one.[2]

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