Radko Perry's computer is a computer in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided belonging to Radko Perry. It is located in the basement of Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters in Prague, and has a security rating of 3.


Early PollsEdit

From: voracek@tmail.mail
To: rad4prez@tmail.mail

People are responding very favorably to the anti-aug message. More importantly, 78% of the people we asked had no idea what the actual function of a Head Secretary is.

The strategy moving forward must stay the same. No matter what the question, your answer must drive home a single message: Radko Perry doesn't like augs. All that matters here is branding. We associate the name Radko Perry with "anti-aug" and you can run for whatever position you want.

M. Voracek

Printing ServicesEdit

From: Robin Johannes
To: Radko Perry

Dear Mr. Perry,

I would like to meet to discuss the printing of a short educational tract based on my upcoming book. The pamphlet would be meant for local distribution and would be sold at a small cost (to cover my printing expenses).

The subject of the pamphlet ansicIcon sic examination of what brought about the current and prevalent anti-augmentation mind-set of the general population (including government regulation) and how it is based on erroneous data resulting from historical bias, and also excluding the historical context and significance of the augmented population.

I do understand that your current political position is strongly anti-augmentation but I do hope that as a businessman you will see the educational worth of such a pamphlet for everyone. People need to see all sides of an issue to make informed decisions, don't you think?

Robin Johannes

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