Ratting Out is a side quest in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is obtained by talking to a cop outside the LIMB clinic after seeing Camila Cardoso for the first time.

Briefing Edit

A local cop suspects that Alvarez Araujo is the kingpin behind the illegal Riezene distribution in Panama city. Find evidence to help make a bust.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Steal Alvarez's Pocket SecretaryEdit

Head to the Underground Clinic in the Slums. Inside, go past Araujo into the back area. You should be at a locked door that leads to the doctor's room--hack your way inside. Araujo's quarters has a Level 2 computer and a Level 3 safe. You can hack the computer to find the password to the safe (0001) (or you can hack the safe directly). Inside the safe is an ID file, credits and a pocket secretary. The pocket secretary contains Araujo's records so take it.

Return to Police InvestigatorEdit

Go back to the cop who gave the quest and talk to him. You receive 1000 credits as a reward.

Notes Edit

  • The psychological profile of the cop mentions that he is "not susceptible to pheromones."
  • If you 'Reject' the cop's offer, you will not be able to get the quest from him later.
  • You can choose to warn Araujo that he is being investigated. But doing so will fail the quest and void getting this achievement. Therefore if you like Araujo and still want the 'Completionist' achievement, save this quest for later (i.e. after you finish the other quests). Finish this side quest without saving, get the achievement and reload.
  • If you choose to tell Alvarez that the police are after him, he leaves the city, but may give you a praxis kit as thanks.
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