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The Red Arrow (Chinese: 紅箭) is a Hong Kong triad and the rival of the Luminous Path in 2052.


The earliest mention of Red Arrow dates back to 2010s. In 2018, then-established Triad groups engaged into a violent conflict, the so-called "Mark Gor Lau War", which weakened those Triads. In the aftermath of those events, the leadership passed to Red Arrow Brotherhood, Luminous Path, and other newly empowered groups.[1] At some point in 2029, they began taking territory from the Harvesters, who had by that time begun to lose power.

In 2052, before the arrival of JC Denton in Hong Kong, the leader of the Red Arrow, Yuen Kong, stole nano-tech components from VersaLife, in order to use them as an advantage in the rivalry with the Luminous Path. In fact, he stole a weapon called the Dragon's Tooth Sword, but all this was part of the Majestic 12 plan to weaken the two triads.

Shortly after that, he was assassinated by Maggie Chow, and the sword was recovered by Majestic 12, kept in Chow's apartment. She in turn accused the Luminous Path of stealing the sword, and the new leader of the Red Arrow, Max Chen, declared an open war with the Luminous Path to retrieve the sword, believing Chow's lies.

After JC Denton recovered the sword and found the real culprits, Max Chen called a truce between the Red Arrow and the Luminous Path. He and Gordon Quick, the leader of the Luminous Path, then conducted a ceremony to unify the two triads.