Red Greasel Hunter

"Street-modified 9mm, equipped with infrared stealth light. Used by mercenaries collecting sewer greasel bounties."
— inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Red Greasel Hunter is a unique pistol modified specifically to hunt greasels. It is obtained in the sewer in the area just past the Inclinator in Lower Seattle.


The Red Greasel Hunter is a specially-modified 9mm pistol that has a red-tinted flashlight. However, the flashlight cannot be seen by anyone except the person using it.

The original owner of this weapon was an Omar in Lower Seattle's streets.


  • Stealthy players might find the flashlight useful, as enemies will be unable to see it. Keeping it handy will make it easier for them to navigate dark areas without the fear of alerting any enemies in the area.
  • Treat the Red Greasel Hunter the same as one would the regular pistol; stick with headshots, and keep some distance from the target.
  • For combat-oriented players, the difference in the light will likely be mostly cosmetic, as it's mostly helpful for sneaking around and not having enemies see the light from the pistol.
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