Redline is an automotive industry manufacturer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Redline logo is a stylized version of the letters "CD". Redline is in direct competition with Motokun, and could also be competing with Navig.

In 2027, there are two known vehicles manufactured by Redline, both seen on the streets of Detroit. The first is a widely available civilian car that appears to be a sporty coupe. The second is a utility sedan used as a police vehicle by the Detroit Police.

In 2029, one known Redline vehicle is a sport crossover SUV, which appears in advertisements as an autonomous vehicle. They have also produced an updated, heavy-duty version of their 2027 police sedan model for the Czech police as well as a civilian version.

Unlike the vehicles of its competitors, Redline's models seem to be at least partially non-electric, based on the engine sound heard from police cruisers and the grill air intake that is often small or absent on electric vehicles. They may still be hybrid or biofuel powered however.

Known productsEdit