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Deus Ex: Redsun 2020 is an unofficial mod for Deus Ex, a total conversion with a new story, taking place in Japan.


Redsun 2020 follows Joseph, the newest Nanotech agent developed by UNATCO. He is captured and sent to Otemachi Labs in Japan. He is contacted by a man by the name of Redsun, who will help and guide Joseph on his mission to get back home. With explosions and destruction following, Joseph escapes the labs and heads to the city of Otemachi-Ku. In the city, he meets Kaneko, a bartender who sends him on a mission to eliminate the Kurokuma gang, who are located beneath Kabuki-cho.

Joseph treks through a gang-ridden abandoned shopping mall, Hibiya Park Towers, and an Aquabus to get to Shinjuku, a warzone of a city where Kabuki-cho is located. Joseph, however, is not able to get into the Galaxy Disco club or the AquaGrill, instead having to run an errand for a "Dealer" to obtain a membership pass. The "Dealer" orders Joseph to break into the city bank and steal a golden Buddha statue. After the mission, Joseph meets up with Tomoko, who lets him into the sewers. Joseph eliminates the gang, even ending up in an underground city, and emerges in Otemachi-ku. After that, he is sent by Redsun to find out about Project Adam in the TMG labs.

While exploring the labs, a TMG official decides to try to send nuclear bombs to America. Joseph uses a teleporting machine to stop him. After completing all his objectives, Joseph heads to Tokyo Station to leave. However, he is stopped by Redsun and Kaneko, who reveals that Joseph was tricked into doing his bidding, eliminating threats to his plan to take over Japan. Joseph kills/knocks him out, and leaves Japan along with Tomoko. UNATCO takes over Otemachi Labs, and it is revealed that Project Adam is Redsun.

Installation "How to" document[]

Redsun2020 - Director's Guide - INTRO

Director's Design Walkthrough[]

Work in Process - Schedule to be complete sometime in 2022.


  • Redsun is one of, if not the first large Total Conversion released.
  • The creator of the mod actually lives in Japan.
  • The soundtrack is composed by Steve Foxon.


  • Some enemies (if not all starting underneath Kabuki-cho) are deaf, meaning they won't hear footsteps, gunshots, or throwing knives.