Regeneration is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.


"Programmable polymerase automatically directs construction of proteins in

injured cells, restoring an agent to full health over time."

Deus Ex description

It can be found in the same augmentation canister as Energy Shield.


  • TECH ONE: Healing occurs at a normal rate.
    • Regenerate 5 health points per second.
  • TECH TWO: Healing occurs at a slightly faster rate.
    • Regenerate 15 health points per second.
  • TECH THREE: Healing occurs at a moderately faster rate.
    • Regenerate 25 health points per second.
  • TECH FOUR: Healing occurs at a significantly faster rate.
    • Regenerate 40 health points per second.

Energy Rate: 120 Units/Minute


  1. UNATCO HQ - Med Center. During the escape from MJ12 base.
  2. Area 51 - in one of the beds inside the Sector Two Barracks.


  • From: MedDirectorate//UNATCO.15888.00342
  • To: JReyes//UNATCO.00973.20892
  • Subject: Augmentation Shipment

Augmentation canister 10B (MJID-9138YU0983) has been shipped via suspension crate to UNATCO HQ for your distribution to nanotechnologically augmented agents under your care and should arrive within 24 hours. If you do not receive this shipment within 24 hours, contact UNATCO MedDirectorate. Canister 10B contains ROM modules that encode either the Regeneration or Energy Shield torso augmentation. The Regeneration augmentation will add programmable polymerase to existing augmentations, directing the structural repair of tissues and organs damaged in combat conditions. The Energy Shield augmentation will construct heat- and electricity-absorbing polyanilene capacitors below the skin, reducing damage received from flame, electrical, or plasma injuries. For detailed information, refer to the Nano-Augmentation Guidelines you have already received. UNATCO, Office of Medical Directorate

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