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DXMD reveal hacking software

Reveal Software is a hacking software in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is usable during the hacking minigame.


Reveal Software traces and reverses the subroutine defense commands deploying Fog systems, re-listing the entire network into clear view. It uses non-invasive algorithms to quickly detect and map out the structure of a hidden network, with zero chance of detection.


Reveal is useful only when hacking systems that have a "fog," i.e., the nodes beyond the starting point are hidden from view. In such systems, Reveal removes the fog entirely. Reveal does not reveal the contents of datastores and firewall locations, which are instead revealed using Datascan.

This software may only be used once per hacking session. Using this software will grey out its button.

Exiting a hacking session will erase the effects of this software. If a hacking session is exited, Jensen will need to use this software again in following hacking attempts.


The item is sold by the merchants Costache in Prague and Entity in Golem City, and can also be found in various locations in the game. Like datascan, it's a fairly common find.