The following computers are found in Ridit Station, which includes the broadcasting area for Talos Rucker's videos. This area is accessed during M7: The Rucker Extraction.

Viktor Marchenko's computer Edit

For the e-mails on Viktor Marchenko's ARC computer, see Viktor Marchenko's computers.

ARC Security computer (1) Edit

Found near Dominik Emler's computer on level 2. It is unlocked.

Questioning things Edit

From: Nikola
To: Daniel


I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm starting to question what we are doing here. The world is blaming us for all these terrorist attacks. They see ARC as a terrorist organization. This scares me. I know in my heart that ARC is good, that what we are doing is for the benefit of the people, but someone is exploiting this. Someone is using ARC as a scapegoat. Someone wants tosicIcon sic world to hate the augmented more than they already do. Look, you know that I'm not a coward but... I really do think it's best if we distance ourselves from the cause. It kills me to say it, but I really do think that, for the time being at least, it will be best for us.


ARC Security computer (2) Edit

This computer is found on level 2 in a room across and up from the security hub. It is unlocked.

Tibor Sokol Edit

From: Otakar
To: Gabriel


If that spineless Tibor Sokol ever makes an appearance, send him up. Viktor wants to speak to him about something.


ARC Security computer (3) Edit

This computer is found on level 2, across the hall from the previous ARC Security computer and is unlocked.

Weird sounds in the PA speakers Edit

From: Pavel
To: David

Hey David:
Have you been hearing weird sounds coming out of the PA speakers the last few days? I don't even know if it's music, it's more like a vibration or frequency almost. I dunno.
I actually find it very soothing, but it makes me a little sleepy, too. Ask around about it if you can, okay?

Mercury Insta-Messaging Autosave Edit

From: Baca
To: David

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History.
>Baca: I don't know... It's just things are getting kinda messy around here. I assume you've noticed. All the higher-ups are really testy lately, like something's going on. And now we're buying guns from the russian mob? It's just... ARC is changing. Maybe not for the better.
>David: Well, better than our dues ending up in some kremlin commie's personal slush fund. Are you having a problem?
>Baca: Or Bratva...
>David: Sounds like Rucker might have landed some bolshy support.
>Baca: It is weird because everything we've been getting up until now has been diverted from the EU.
>David: So what? Practically all the fucking guns in this part of the world are russian.
>Baca: Want to know something fucked up? I was just in the warehouse and we received a shipment of weapons that had all the serial numbers filed off except for one. So I ran the number on the PCR database that Black Agate hacked and guess what -- they're ex-russian military.

ARC Security computer (4) Edit

This computer is found on level 2 in room #400125 near the end of Ridit Station and is unlocked.

Mess Edit

From: Radan

Hi everyone,

As Viktor has asked all of us to work double shifts, the Mess is closed until further notice. Instead, all meals will be brought DIRECTLY to your assigned work areas! The order of delivery will be determined by a daily lottery. For today, the delivery order, by Sector, is: C, E, D, A and B.

Yours in Love and Unity,

ARC Security computer (5) Edit

This computer is found on level 2 in room #400125 near the end of Ridit Station and is unlocked.

RE: My brother Edit

From: Lija Ales
To: Albert Parapoviv

Sure thing. Hope the family is ok.

From: Albert Parapoviv
To: Lija Ales
Subject: My brother

Hi Lija,

I need you to do me a huge favor. I need you to cover for me. Kal is acting strange and I'm worried he might do something stupid. I need to go to the Flats tonight to check on my sister-in-law and the kids. I'll make it up, I promise.

Ministorage code Edit

From: Max

You know what? Maybe I quit. I know you all read my updates as if your lives depended on it but I think I'm done with being the guy who runs around all day trying to get the computers to work in this dump and for what? Before I go, here's one more for you.

Police presence blah blah blah all codes blah blah blah ministorage blah blah blah 2544.

I'm going to bed


Dominik Emler's computer Edit

This computer is found on level 2, near the main entrance into Ridit Station. It is unlocked.

Boxing Gym Edit

From: Karen Riha

The boxing ring is available for you to stay in shape or work off some tension. If you use it, please remember to CLEAN UP when you're done.
We are lucky to have such a thing. And it is for EVERYONE to enjoy.
Thank you,

ARC Newsletter - Supplemental Edit

From: Dr. Talos Rucker

To the citizens of the Utulek Complex, Augmented peoples all over the world, and those of our non-Augmented brothers and sisters who are sympathetic to our cause:

In light of the recent tragic events in Prague, I wish to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible, and so for the next little while ARC will be issuing these supplemental newsletters as required. During this time, you will continue to receive your weekly updates as you've always done.


Since the deplorable and horrific terrorist attack upon the Ruzicka train station in Prague, the police presence in Utulek has increased, as peace officers search for clues to the identity of the person or persons responsible.

Reports have reached my ears of numerous violations of civil liberties: unwarranted searches of people's homes, arrests of suspected witnesses, and interrogation methods which could fairly be described as torture.

While it is understandable that emotions should be running high, there is absolutely no excuse for abusing innocent people. In a separate communication issued by ARC, we urge the members of the Prague police force, and the people issuing their mandates, to govern themselves in a more calm and judicious fashion.

To the citizens of Utulek, I hereby strongly advocate the same restraint. Be courteous to the police, and cooperate with them. If you are being harassed or abused, do not make the situation worse for everyone by escalating into violence. Report all transgressions to someone in ARC. I promise the violation will be addressed, and that those responsible will answer for it once the current crisis has passed.


For all members of ARC, I bear further regrettable tidings: Owing to the effect the bombing has had on resources and supply lines, our biweekly food shipment has been delayed one full week. In order to stretch out our supplies, while still being able to donate to those outside of ARC who have less access to food than we do, I will be limiting myself to half rations until the next shipment, and I encourage every healthy member of ARC to do the same. The privileges of leadership must be balanced with an equivalent willingness to make sacrifices.


To all members of the Committees for Health and Environment, there will be a joint meeting on Saturday at 4pm to discuss the recent Gray Water Epidemic: how it happened, what we did well, and how we can improve our response in the future.


That is the current state of Prague and Utulek. We will provide more information whenever more news develops.

In international news, I am saddened to report the assassination in St.PetersburgsicIcon sic of Nadia Pavlova, a tireless crusader for human rights in Russia and the world over. It pains me still further to report that the Augmented citizens of St.Petersburg and Moscow are now rioting in protest of her murder. To our Russian brothers and sisters I say this: We cannot redress this wrong by adding to it more anger and aggression. Return to your homes peacefully, trust that Nadia's killer will be brought to justice, and treasure her memory forever in your hearts, as I will.


My friends, a final word:

There are some who would get discouraged by everything currently going on around us, who would be tempted to give up hope, but I am not among their number, for I can see the future of our Cause, and I understand these times for what they are: the period of greatest darkness, which is quickly followed by the bright light of dawn. Under pressure, coal becomes a diamond. The more our oppressors push us, the harder they will madesicIcon sic us. We will stay strong, and resist these periods of bleakness, so that when we come through them, we will have proven irrefutably that if we keep faith and remain united, we can withstand anything.

Until the next time, please continue to treat your neighbor, Augmented or otherwise, as you yourself would prefer to be treated, and remember that, through patience, diligence, and remaining firm in our principles, we will see a brighter future.

Yours in hope and promise,

o/b/o Augmented Rights Coalition

Fillip Fort's computer Edit

This computer is found in a sound room (#350401) halfway down level 1. It is unlocked.

Lost Pocket Secretary Edit

From: Kvido


If anyone finds my pocket secretary, please let me know.


ARC Newsletter - Supplemental Edit

Same e-mail as ARC Newsletter - Supplemental, above.

Kvido Barkus' computer Edit

This computer is found on level 2 in an open room and has a security rating of 3. The password is OU812.

A long time ago Edit

From: Viktor Marchenko
To: Kvido


I was speaking with Marek last night and he tells me that you'resicIcon sic cousin Jared was in Lukyanivska. My memory's gone a little fuzzy but if I remember right, they called him "The Rabbit", didn't they? He alwayssicIcon sic finding new ways to break out, but could never make it past the yard. I remember after a while the screws just kept him in a four-piece around the clock. After that he had to eat with his face, so people started calling him "The horse". Funny how easily memories can come back once you really start thinking about them. Did Jared ever mention me, Kvido? Of course, I didn't look this pretty then. The reason I'm asking is I liked Jared. He was a good man. Roeg tells me you're a good man as well. Says you can be trusted. So I have something I'd like to talk to you about. Come to my unit tomorrow night ofsicIcon sic you're interested.

Rucker Edit

From: Marek
To: Kvido


Talos is losing it. I was just up in his office and he was drinking again. They say he has to, for the pain, but he doesn't have to watch PICUS News over and over while he does it.

What the hell does "defamation" even mean?


Marek's Computer Edit

From: Max
To: Kvido


We had to reset the login for Marek's computer. His daughter's sick again. I got the feeling he thinks this is it.

New Password: pozy45

Of all the damn days for my only assistant to be unavailable...


Lela Dobos' computer Edit

This computer can be found in the library room above the security hub. It is unlocked.

Ready for Pick Up Edit

From: Bela
To: Lela Dobos


After three long months, your package is here!

It must have cost you a small fortune to smuggle it in, we can't thank you enough. I know there are a lot of people around here who need something to look forward to, and your generosity provides that.

I know Milos is really looking forward to the mystery novels in particular...


ARC Newsletter - Supplemental Edit

Same e-mail as ARC Newsletter - Supplemental, above.

Marek Artim's computer Edit

This computer is located in the last room near the elevator to Rucker's office. It has a security rating of 4 and the password is POZY45.

A special task Edit

From: Viktor Marchenko
To: Marek


I enjoyed our talk last night. I know I don't have to remind you that it stays between us forward thinking types? I love Talos, as you do, but we if wesicIcon sic don't start taking an offensive stance against this oppression, we risk extinction. I have an initiative I'm starting called Stormsurge. Think of it as more of ansicIcon sic motivational exercise. But I can't do it alone, Marek. I need strong-minded, passionate brothers like you. I have a task I need help with. I'd like you to take a trip with me. Interested?

Viktor's PC Edit

From: Max
To: Marek

Hey Marek,

Viktor was having trouble with his OS yesterday, so I had him do a hard reboot to see if it would fix his system. He never got back to me and I'm slammed down in the LQ today playing code fairy. The password is strmsrg, can you run over quickly and just check that he still has a desktop?


ARC Newsletter - Supplemental Edit

Same e-mail as ARC Newsletter - Supplemental, above.

Oleg Cerna's computer Edit

This computer is found on level 1 near the main entrance into Ridit Station. It is unlocked.

missing something? Edit

From: Max
To: Oleg Cerna


I have your pocket secretary. It had a code on it. And was lying around where anybody could pick it up and read it.

If you want it back, come see me. And be grateful I didn't drop it in a tank full of piranha fish.

ThankssicIcon sic you for your cooperation,

ARC Newsletter - Supplemental Edit

Same e-mail as ARC Newsletter - Supplemental, above.

Shipping computerEdit

This computer is located right after the double doors into Ridit Station and is unlocked.

Welcome Package for IvanEdit

From: Viktor Marchenko
To: Bela


Make sure Ivan gets his welcome package before he leaves on assignment.

AugNoMore - Get Back to NormalEdit


Are you tired of being spit on when you walk the streets?
Have you had enough of cops beating on you for no apparent reason?
Can't stand lugging around that machinery day after day?

Come to us! For a low, low price, we'll help you get rid of your unwanted augmentations!

Prosthetic arms? You bet!
Prosthetic leg? No problem!
We'll even take a shot at removing any extraneous cranial enhancements! That's how dedicated we are to your comfort.
Come see us at Aug No More and we'll make sure you leave just a little lighter than when you walked in!

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