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Ridley was a scientist posted in the Pasadena Ocean Lab in Deus Ex.


Sometime before JC Denton's arrival in Vandenberg, Ridley sabotaged the Ocean Lab thoroughly by detonating LAMs, flooding most of the lower portions of the base. He also uploaded a computer virus that sent the Base's security turrets haywire, opened the cages holding the base's many transgenics and caused the spiderbots at the UC lab to attack any survivors of the above trying to seek refuge there.[1] Ridley claimed to be a member of the "Illuminated ones",[2] and may have been a bug for the Illuminati all along.[3]

By the time JC arrives, all of the base's personnel are dead. Ridley himself made it to the Submarine bay, but encountered a Trooper named Thomas Mann who shot him in the head shortly before dying of his own wounds.



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