Ridley's corpse floating in the MJ12 Sub base deep under the new West Coast. Thomas Mann, the Trooper that killed him can be seen lying down in the background.

Ridley was a scientist posted in the MJ12 Ocean Lab in Deus Ex.


Shortly prior to JC Denton arriving at the Ocean Lab, Ridley sabotaged the base thoroughly by detonating LAMs, flooding most of the lower portions of the base. He also uploaded a computer virus that sent the Base's security turrets haywire and opened the cages holding the base's many transgenics. By the time JC arrives, all of the base's personnel are dead, or have escaped through submarines. Ridley claimed to be a member of the "Illuminated ones", and may have been a bug for the Illuminati all along (or perhaps he suffered from a mental illness). Ridley himself made it to the Submarine bay, but encountered a Trooper named Thomas Mann who shot him in the head shortly before dying of his own wounds. Ridley must have acted very quickly before JC arrives, as no personnel from the surface have visited the area yet, and Tiffany Savage was not caught in the chaos.

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