Riezene stash in the Skulls' Garage

Riezene is a drug manufactured by Zaaphire Biotech in 2027 for use by the mechanically augmented as a cheaper alternative to Neuropozyne. Riezene is featured in the plot of Deus Ex: The Fall.


Due to strict regulations on Neuropozyne, most biotech and pharmaceutical companies shy away from producing their own anti-rejections drugs, but a critical shortage of Neuropozyne in 2027 led Zaaphire Biotech to offer Riezene as a cheaper alternative. The purported function of Riezene is to help prevent and reverse Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS), a build-up of glial tissue that blocks electrical signals between augmentation electrodes and human tissue.

Although Zaaphire publicly positions itself as a competitor to Neuropozyne manufacturer VersaLife, Zaaphire is in fact under the control of VersaLife owner and Illuminati member Bob Page. The Riezene drug itself is actually manufactured by VersaLife.[1]

Distribution in Panama City Edit

In 2027, the Illuminati wishes to conduct testing of Riezene in Panama City to ensure that some unspecified "mechanism" involving Riezene would work as intended. However, the LIMB clinic in Panama City refuses to participate in Riezene trials, citing patient health concerns from reports of Riezene having adverse effects on users.

Several shipments of Riezene to Panama City are stolen from XNG Shipping, the company contracted to send samples of Riezene to clinics for testing, by Belltower employees and sold to Skulls street gang leader, Diego. The gang then sells the drug on the black market to desperate mechanically augmented people. A back alley doctor, Alvarez Araujo, has synthesized the drug in his clinic using its active ingredient: Rievido.

Several augs have died from its use. Their deaths are covered up by Belltower troops operating in the Panama City area. Stuart St. John, a health inspector investigating Rizene trials, is aware of Belltower's coverup and also calls Riezene a flawed product, but is assassinated before he could go public with the information.

Notes Edit

  • Ben Saxon can accept a dose of Riezene from Dr. Araujo. He suffers no ill effects and it works as intended, alleviating his DDS symptoms. It is unknown if the cancelled continuations of the story of Deus Ex: The Fall would have shown him suffering adverse effects had he taken the drug.
  • According to the loading screen text for Alex Vega in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Riezene is a "deadly drug."[1]
  • Riezene is still available on the black market in 2029. Adam Jensen can overhear one of Mikael Mendel's bodyguards discussing including a batch of Riezene in a future shipment.


References Edit

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