"The riot prod has been extensively used by security forces who wish to keep what remains of the crumbling peace and have found the prod to be a valuable tool. Its short range tetanizing effect is most effective when applied to the torso or when the subject is taken by surprise."
— description of Riot Prod, Deus Ex

The riot prod is a low-tech skill weapon in Deus Ex.


Around 2052, some riot cops patrolling the New York City streets carry riot prods for non-lethal incapacitation, as well as certain civilian employees within United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (e.g. secretaries). The riot prod is usually carried with a prod charger to recharge the prod.


The riot prod inflicts stun damage, which will stun an enemy as soon as the first hit connects. While the enemy is stunned, they will take four times the amount of damage they usually would.


  • A riot prod will be one of the most important weapons a non-lethal player will have. It does enough damage that it can knock out troopers quickly, who are the most common enemies in the game.
  • Unlike most other weapons, enemies will not take any extra damage with headshots. In fact, headshots actually do less damage than hitting any part of the body does, as the rest of the body has a 2x damage multiplier attached to it. Therefore, always go for body shots when using this weapon.
  • The riot prod will stun a target the first time it hits them. When a target is stunned, they'll take four times the amount of damage they usually would. This means that continued attacks from the prod will do more damage and that attacks from other weapons will do four times the amount of damage they'd usually do as well.
  • Sneaking up on enemies is the best way to use the prod effectively. Sneaking up on them with the prod means they'll be unable to get any shots in before the player starts stunning them and lessens the chance any nearby enemies will see one of their own getting attacked.
  • It is quite possible to take down MJ12 Commandos with the prod, even though it may seem impossible at first. Get behind a commando, point the crosshair on upper part of his belt, and fire. The prod will do enough damage with two or three units of ammo to knock out the commando.
  • Ammo for the riot prod is uncommon, so prod users should always be on the lookout for weapon crates or spare charges laying around maps.
  • Reload often. The riot prod's small magazine means it can run out very quick if the player isn't careful.


The player starts with a riot prod. Spare prods can be found throughout some maps, and a prod can be taken from a drug dealer in the Hong Kong Canals after defeating him.


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